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Member of the Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Membership


I have been shaving for quite a long time and from the looks of things I will be shaving for the most of the rest of my life. If I was not so lazy it would end up being a daily routine. To save a couple of bucks I would use razors until my skin would peel off and leave the stubble. All that changed a couple of years ago when I watched the very video featured on this article.

Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club Google+

The Dollar Shave club delivers your razors to you every month so you don't have to worry about going out and getting new razors. The least expensive plan ($1.00 a month plus shipping) will have five razors sent to you every month. That is a new razor every week. It may be the best dollar you spend.

The razors each month is not the only perk of being a member. Each month The Dollar Shave Club attaches a business card on the razor cartridge with clever sayings (see Google+ page for examples). Also included in the shipped box is Bathroom Minutes which is the clubs own publication. Then every now and then there is samples of other toiletries that club sells. It is like getting a birthday present each month. It can really add a smile to that freshly saved face of yours.

The Dollar Shave Club also sells Shave Butter to replace your average shaving cream, Post Shave for an after shave moisturizer and One Wipe Charlies for wiping after using the restroom... if you know what I mean. The One Wipe Charlies are what "gentlemen use to wipe" according to the web site. There is a video on that web page to clear up exactly what a One Wipe Charlie is if you still have questions.

Marketing has been great for this company. You should at least check out the videos and their Google+ page. I have no doubt you will at least consider joining after a little thought of how much shaving is a pain and how much you tend to spend on shaving. If you would like more information or would like to sign up, use This Link.

There is one more benefit worth mentioning. Every friend (or anyone else) that signs up using your unique URL will earn you $5.00. Like their website states, 1000 friends to sign up will get you free razors for 83 years! Give it a try.

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