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Melinda Ryder and her stable of 'Delicious Divas' bring high charged show

Melinda Ryder's Delicious Diva show entertains large KC  Fringe Festival Crowds.
Melinda Ryder's Delicious Diva show entertains large KC Fringe Festival Crowds.
Provided by Melinda Ryder and courtesy of KC Fringe Festival

Melinda Ryder's Delicious Divas for Kansas City Fringe Festival


For a really fun alternative show, be sure to check out Melinda Ryder’s “Delicious Divas Show” that features for female impersonators along with other entertainers, appearing at the Off-Center Theatre in Kansas City’s Crown Center as part of the 2014 Kansas City Fringe Festival.

Melinda Ryder's Delicious Divas is part of Kansas City's Fringe Festival 2014.
Courtesy of Kansas City Fringe Festival

The show opens with a bang as for of Kansas City’s long admired drag queens Melinda Ryder, Sandy Kay, Loretta Martin, and Loreal perform “If You Don’t See What You Want Up Here,” in a number of it featured all the solo spotlights and set the tone for the entire show to follow.

Parodies of Judy Garland, Adele, and Cher were just a few of the pieces that brought large approval as signified by loud applause and audience. The show was fast-paced, nonstop, and extremely entertaining from first to last note. The divas certainly know how to entertain audiences and keep a show moving so that an hour performance never “drags.”

Give lots of credit to Melinda Ryder for crafting this show and creating such a tight one hour piece. Ryder sang “Baby I'm A Star” and “Moving The Line” Loreal sang “Harper Valley PTA” and did an Adele song. Sandy Kay performed a Judy Garland song, “I Could Go on Singing,” and later appeared in a comedy take on a song from Chicago, “When You’re Good to Mama.” Loretta Martin did her Cher impression with “Turn Back Time” and “The Way of Love.” Another ditty by Martin, “First, Last, My Everything,” gave her some good spotlight time. Martin also did a duet with Ryder’s husband, Kirk Nelson.

Also in the show was female artist Michelle DeJanes who sang, “You Don’t Love Me.” Nelson sand “Feeling Good” and “I Know Where I’ve Been” in the final duet with Loretta Martin.

As a special note, the divas do sing one song live during the performance. They all have wonderful voices and know how to entertain with their drag personas.

The show is a lot of fun and the hour passes quickly. It comes with the highest recommendations for a good time, feel-good performance at the Kansas City Fringe Festival. For more information and to purchase tickets check out the Kansas City Fringe website.

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