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Melanie Fiona - 'You Stop My Heart' a memorable throwback



Many haven't heard enough about two-time Grammy award winner - Melanie Fiona. Melanie (Born Melanie Fiona Hallim to Guyanese parents) is a native of Canada. She is a singer/songwriter who gives a simple appearance but comes with a powerful voice and content. Though she has been steady in producing memorable tunes, she didn't quite earn her accolades until she collaborated with CeeLo Green in "Fool For You".

Melanie Fiona hypnotizes her audiences with her simple beauty and her powerful voice!
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Yes, she has had some nice tunes, but take a listen to this song, "You Stop My Heart"... which features an Oldies beat and flair with a melody which can never get old. The beat samples a real Oldies hit, Frankie Avalon's "Venus". There is a hint of reggae, a touch of jazz, and loads of soul. Did I mention sex appeal? The song is (by far) my personal favorite of Melanie Fiona's. It puts one in a trance, a beautiful one at that.

"You Stop My Heart" is from the album, "The Bridge". According to Melanie, the album "...crosses the barriers between ethnicities, genres, age groups, and genders. It can’t be defined as just one thing. It’s got a soul that’s something old, yet something new."

Listen for yourself. The video is simple, yet it does the song smooth and sultry justice.

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5 Stars to this mega star who hasn't quite hit the scene as big as she really deserves to. Keep it classy and keep showcasing your natural talent Melanie Fiona!! We are looking for much more from you!!

Love the song... it is magnetic!!

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