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Mega World Smash Worthy Descendant of "Arkanoid-Style" Gaming

Colors, Explosions, Powerups--Oh My!!
Colors, Explosions, Powerups--Oh My!!

Mega World Smash (Arkanoid-style arcade game)


While Atari popularized the "ball-paddle-wall"-type gaming that characterized its Breakout games in the 1970s, it was Arkanoid by Taito that captured and enlightened the arcade genre, with its clever additions of power-ups, different styles of bricks/tiles, and the various challenges that were lent from its layouts.

Mega World Smash by Alawaris a worthy successor to the Arkanoid legacy, taking the basic elements that popularized the Arkanoid-style genre and giving the game a refreshing, fun, and often frenetic twist that begs the user "just one more level. . .".

First and foremost, the game is designed with bright colors and fine details to its 3D components, drawing the gamer into play. Multi-colored objects and images "pop" from the screen, enhancing the player's interest and involvement.

The "paddle"--a stylized, rounded bumper, is attached to what appears to be a Rube Goldberg-type flying craft, which is moved on the playfield from left to right, bumping a sphere (sometimes multiples, sometimes in various shapes, sometimes with various powerups) to destroy the multitude of highly-detailed and articulated objects--with help from the use of Nvidia's "Physx" software, which realistically moves the objects in explosions and other manipulations, which adds to the fun and strategic ability of the player.

While there is a loose storyline behind the game--which unfolds as one plays--it does not hinder the user from having fun with Mega World Smash.

The game is one that does not involve reading the instruction information--just pick up and play.

Mega World Smash with its brilliant colors, inventive themes, Rube Goldberg-style designs and articulations of its objects, and the attraction the Arkanoid-style genre has held for more than forty years, is a worthy and inventive game that will keep players enthralled and entertained for more than just a few minutes--and for many more levels.

Mega World Smash can be found on-line and downloadable from many free gaming sites, and plays quite well on Windows-based machines.

In short, Alawaris has a definite hit in the genre on its hands--so paddle up and enjoy!