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Meet The Band Brightside


The Band Brightside


“How long have we both waited to feel a love that is just like yours & mine…I can read the signs” -Lyrics from "Runnin"

Meet “Brightside” a Venice, CA based band that you might have originally known as the Clayton Joseph Scott Band, I did a review on their last album “More Love” that you can read here; "More Love".

It’s still the same love based positive vibration music with an original & organic sound, but it’s clear through the years they have really reached a cohesive space where their unique talents and musical offerings blend together in a way like never before. I would equate it to an aging wine that has finally fermented long enough to reach its peak creating a magical infusion for your senses, when your glass reaches the bottom you are prompted to ask for another serving, or in this case put the song on repeat.

The band and their sound is a testament to the courage it takes to follow your dreams, and the vulnerability it takes to fall in love. You get a sense that they are really coming full circle and fully forward through this current EP in creation “West of Lincoln” really offering up their hearts to the listener, stripping back and getting intimate.

Lyrics to song’s such as “Milo” include words of hope and encouragement for a golden future that Lead Singer Clayton Joseph Scott has been passionate about for years, this passion is a consistent thread amidst their heart based dance infused music. They also touch on world issues and challenges in hopes of shining a little light and inspiring the listener to look on the “Bright Side” …pun intended.

You could always see the hearts of all the members of the Band in their previous album and live performances, now it’s just on a whole other level… it was as if they were running to the ledge in the past, willing themselves to jump, and now we get a look at them mid-air completely going for it and doing all the work necessary to create a unique heart based transparent sound. It’s kind of like falling in love in that regard, the place where you move past formalities and completely open your heart to one another.

Check out this talented Band for yourself;

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“Now I catch your lonely glances, don’t you know that I stayed awake all night, trying to decide. If you’re leaving in the morning…if you’re catching that southbound train – I could offer you some shelter if you, if you call out my name” –Brightside

by Ashley Davene

Purchase Ashley's Book "Art of Love" via

Stay Tuned for her current book in creation "Pink & Blue A Love Story.."

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