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'Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death' DVD Review

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Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death


'Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death' is a documentary series that takes a look at the Middle Ages and how people handled the rites of passage. Birth, Marriage, and Death are the areas that explored. This is a look at just how men and women survived those years when you didn't have a doctor to turn to when you were giving birth. For a time before the church got involved in marriage if you were standing in a field and said a couple of words well you were married. Death has got to be one of the most interesting areas that is delved into.

Dr. Helen Castor is historian who shows the life of men and women from Middle Ages. For instance, the birth of a child was probably the worst event a woman had to look forward to. There was no antiseptics for infection and no anesthetics for pain. For aristocratic women or royals the girl could be as young as 13. There were no men involved in the process except for conception. It was thought that the pains of labor were because of man's original sin and the only way to get through labor was to pray to the saints or god himself.

When it came to marriage it wasn't where a man and woman would court or fall in love. Most of the time it was parents or friends who put the two people together and after the 12th century the Catholic Church became more involved in marriage between two people.

It was in death that a person wanted to be remembered or better yet how to be remembered. You death was all around but it was the belief in everlasting life that people would think most about.

Acorn is bringing us this excellent look at what took place so many years ago. The documentary will be available on August 26, 2014. The DVDs are excellent in their presentation and quality. The sounds and visuals are of the highest quality. This is an excellent tool that a teacher could use to get their point across about the period. It is also probably one of the best that I have ever come across in describing the historic perspective and is perfect for the family to sit down and take a look at. This is one of those special DVD sets that you will want in your personal library.