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McNally's 'Mothers and Sons' triumphantly bridges AIDS epidemic with gains today

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Mothers and Sons


Broadway Global shares the breaking Broadway review for the most powerful play of our century, "Mothers And Sons". Terrence McNally efficaciously shares the AIDS epidemic through "Mothers And Sons". This powerful masterpiece is the most important, gratifying play of our lifetime. "Mothers And Sons is the most inspiring infectious Broadway play, breaking hearts, while mending souls." Theatre Chat.

The words of a theatre critic could never come close to the eloquent delivery from McNally's infectious "Mothers And Sons" book, nor his acclaimed artists including Tyne Daly, Frederick Weller, Bobby Steggert, and Grayson Taylor. Please note Alex Ammerman, Caitlin O'Connell and David Christopher Wells are the outstanding standbys, and understudy for these victorious roles in historic ground breaking theatre. "Mothers And Sons" triumphantly leaves a legacy for our society and generations to come. The must see play of the century! Broadway Global.

AIDS killed so many, so quickly that "Mothers and Sons" and families never had a chance for closure, or that last hug before the angles took them away. Those of us that survived AIDS with graphic open sores left imprinted in our souls have never been able to heal. Terrence McNally's brilliant script shares one "Mother and Sons" journey, a play that opens discussion for today, on what couldn't be said during the most devastating plague of our century. The use of promiscuity, the choice of the word husband for a title of a Gay partner in life.. these choice of words are all educating through the characters and the cleverly conceived "Mothers and Sons" book. The choice of an openly Gay couple raising their son represents so many Gay couples today. Similar to a couple we just spotlighted, a true life Annie story, thanks to programs around our nation like Kids in Distress. (Read recent true life Annie story spotlighting a couple who embraces Kids in Distress).

The mother that couldn't even hug the lover of her own son at his funeral educates us all. Many of us could not even say that we had lost family or friends to AIDS. A bad cold, cancer, any open door to sidetrack the truth seemed easier to speak of. I lived in San Francisco in 1982 fresh out of high school graduation, from Springville, Utah. My mother Jan Cameron, a devout Mormon was the un-accepting parent of a gay child, who later marched in Gay parades, with threats for being excommunicated from her religion for supporting her openly Gay son and the LBGT community. My first lover Robert Kent died of AIDS in 1984 as I went to study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Somehow that split decision choice of education spared my life. I share this because "Mothers and Sons" is not just any play. We lived it! It's history shared through the eyes of America's most prolific writer Terrence McNally.

Terrence McNally's who is now married to 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year nominee Tom Kirdahy were destined. This couple's passion for arts encompasses our global society. "Mothers and Sons" will be a legacy left for generations to come, to share an unforgettable times of AIDS through the eloquent, gifted, resonating story telling of Terrence McNally. My award winning partner Ron Hutchins always says "If it comes from the heart, it will touch the heart." "Mothers and Sons" touches the heart, and mends the hearts for so many who never had a chance for closure. "If ever a writer could bring an amenable AIDS conversation through the use of arts, Terrence McNally's "Mothers and Sons" is that play. A masterful piece of art for our society!" Broadway Global.

Mother Tyne Daly (Kathrine Gerard), who lost her son to AIDS makes a surprise visit, to drop off her son's journal to the only other person who loved him as much as her, his partner Frederick Weller (Cal Porter). Cal Porter is now married to Bobby Steggert (Will Ogden) and they both have a vibrant young son Grayson Taylor (Bud Ogden-Porter). The couple are now living a so called normal family life, do to laws allowing us equality today in some states. The journey is shared by the un-accepting mother of a gay son as she pays a surprise visit to this happy family. Through the loss of her son, talk of pictures, reading from her son's journal and even the help of a child, they are all discovering what could not be said at the time of her sons death, during the World's AIDS epidemic. This play opens the wounds with discussion on AIDS that were never socially acceptable to those of us who lived it.

For those of us who have survived this historic, horrific time of the a modern plague AIDS... we know it was not easy to even admit friends or loved ones had been infected with the deadly virus. The conversation of AIDS was not acceptable in the Gay community, let alone our straight society. But it was the devastating loss of horrific numbers in lives that brought education to the forefront. The large numbers of those we lost to AIDS helped open doors to accept Gay couples for the marriage equality that some states honor today. AIDS forced open the door to the large numbers in the GLBT community around the globe.

"Mothers And Sons" is a powerful new Broadway play that explores the truths of who we are and who we love. Tyne Daly is explosive in the most important portrayal of her career. Bobby Steggert (Will Ogden) plays a youthful Gay husband with grace and brilliance. Grayson Taylor ((Bud Ogden-Porter) gives an heartfelt performance playing a child educated with no barriers. No question is to difficult for him to ask! It is Drama Desk nominated Frederick Weller (Cal Porter) that gives an award winning heartbreaking portrayal of a widowed husband. This timely, masterful piece of art is the most provocative new play on Broadway that explores our evolving understanding of family in today’s world.

Funny and powerful, "Mothers and Sons" portrays a woman who pays an unexpected visit to the New York apartment of her late son's partner, who is now married to another man and has a young son. Challenged to face how society has changed around her, generations collide as she revisits the past and begins to see the life her son might have led. "Mothers and Sons" stars Tony Award and Emmy winner Tyne Daly (Gypsy, Master Class, “Cagney & Lacey”) alongside co-stars Frederick Weller (“In Plain Sight,” Glengarry Glen Ross) & Bobby Steggert (Big Fish, Ragtime). Tony Awards nominee Sheryl Kaller directs.

"Mothers and Sons" producers collected donations after the show for Equity Cares Equity Fights AIDS, and also offered to donate one dollar for each person who sent Instagram a picture that represents family - and add hashtag #MothersAndSons. Mothers and Sons is playing now at Golden Theatre located at 252 West 45th Street New York, New York 10036. For tickets call 212-239-6200 or visit "Mothers And Sons". "Mothers and Sons is the must see play of the century! Don't miss a masterful piece of art for our society!" Broadway Global. Please share the Third Annual Broadway Global of the Year Nominations. Special thanks to 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year nominee Tom Kirdahy for bringing this masterpiece of live stage works to Broadway and our arts society.