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McCarthy and Sarandon hit the road in ‘Tammy’



While Melissa McCarthy has been tearing up the small screen with her hit series Mike and Molly that has been running for years, it wasn’t until her hilarious turn in Bridesmaids that she really started to get the recognition she deserved. In her latest Tammy, she not only looks to bring her usual comedic brand to the big screen, but this time serves as writer alongside her real life husband Ben Falcone who has stepped into the director’s chair. With an impressive cast including Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Allison Janney, Dan Aykroyd, Mark Duplass, Gary Cole, Nat Faxon, Toni Collette, and Sandra Oh could this be yet more comedy gold for the funny lady or has she run her course?

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Tammy follows a woman recently fired from her fast food job only to come home and find her husband cheating on her. Fed up she hits the road with her ‘ailing’ grandmother, but soon realizes she is more of a babysitter to her grandmother and her personal demons and is forced to make decisions in her own future. First and foremost McCarthy is always great, but it depends on if you are a fan of hers. She is one of those comedic actors that delivers a chaotic comedy style, but given the chance is able to bring some emotion and hear to her roles. Here she lets it all out on both levels letting the comedy fly and the tears flow to take this film in a direction that has the laughs and heart. There are moments where some of the jokes felt a bit forced, but more often than not they worked. The cast all do a great job with their parts, but this is McCarthy and Sarandon’s film and they have great chemistry together. Most of the others in the film are smaller roles that stand out as more than just cameos, but don’t have a lot of screen time. The story itself plays up as a road trip film comedy but does have a lot of moments that while are comedic are pretty tragic aspects of life that can send people over the edge. In addition they bring in just enough of the emotional baggage to make it feel like it has a purpose besides just letting McCarthy act insane.

There are plenty of laugh-out loud moments and zany fun that has come to be expected from McCarthy, but if you are not a fan then you will likely not enjoy this movie. As with all movies there are a lot of scenes from the trailers not actually in the film most notably the “Look out fish!” line that is pretty funny, but as a whole doesn’t seem to really hurt the finished product. For those that enjoy her humor and it seems like most, then you are surely to be entertained and be sure to stick around through some of the credits for some additional funny moments.