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#Lootcrate May 2014 (Adventure) review

The contents of May 2014's Adventure-themed Loot Crate.
The contents of May 2014's Adventure-themed Loot Crate.
Michael Tresca

Loot Crate - ADVENTURE


This month's Adventure-themed Loot Crate finally arrived in the mail today, but it was well worth the wait. I received a link to the PDF of the Loot Crate's contents prior to the crate's arrival, which I read ahead of time so that I would be able to divide up the loot amongst my six-year-old boy and my four-year-old girl. Did it stack up to our collective expectations? Let's find out!

Here's the description of the contents:

First, it’s the return of another epic Looter exclusive shirt! Describing The Legend (Looter Version) pays homage to tried and true adventurer Link, Adventure Time blind collectible tin with figures and faithfully created Minecraft characters evoke a sense of mystery. We’ve also provided some exclusive temporary tattoos and stickers from some of our featured curators, a handy bottle opener, and a Friendzone CD full of epic chiptune music to help keep you moving during your journeys.

We signed up for the $11.67/month plus $6 shipping and handling option, or $17.67/month for six months at $105.99, a savings of $10. Loot Create promises a $40 value in every crate.

The six-year-old boy claimed and rated his items as follows (using Loot Crate's scale of Fail/1 > OK/3 > Awesome/4 > Epic/5):

The four-year-old girl claimed and rated her items as follows:

We collectively ranked the following:

Total for Loot Crate: 3.75, rounding up to a 4 = Awesome!

The total value of the items came close enough to $40 to support the claim that you get more geeky goodness than you pay for. Want your own Loot Crate? Sign up at ($19.37/month for one month) and use code JUNELOOT to receive $3 off.