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Max Payne (PC) review

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Max Payne (PC)


May Payne is a third person shooter developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Gathering. The game was released on multiple platforms with multiple release dates, with the PC’s release date on July 23rd, 2001. The story follows Max Payne, a New York Police Detective going undercover to thwart a government conspiracy, while avenging his family’s murder.

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Graphics-Two words best describe the graphics: Gorgeously Gritty. The scenery is dark and gritty, the character models look great, animation is nice and smooth, everything about the graphics are flawless. The cut scenes are presented in a graphic novel style, which works in this game’s favor, and they too look fantastic.

Sound-The soundtrack works really well. The main menu’s music is memorable, the combat music isn’t overdone, and everything plays at appropriate times. The voice acting is a little cliché (note the accents), but they too were well done.

Gameplay-The gameplay is also well done. The combat is executed greatly, and you’re not overburden with enemies (although there are spots where enemies will get in a cheap kill). The bullet time mechanic in this game was also well done, but the main problem is that you rely on this a little too much, but that’s only a minor issue. Another issue is that there’s no cover mechanic. This would’ve made gunplay slightly better, and would balance things out more effectively. The dodge mechanic was also well developed, and is useful in sticky situations.

Difficulty-This is the game’s Achilles’ heel. Even on the ‘Fugitive’ (easy) difficulty, it can still be very hard (even with full bullet time active), and you can die very easily.

Overall-Despite the minor issues, this game is still a lot of fun to play, and worth the money. If you haven’t played this game, go do so. You won’t be disappointed.

Score: 5/5

You can get Max Payne from Steam, Xbox Live or PSN.

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