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Matteo's trattoria- exceptional italian cuisine in a beautiful new venue

A family feast at the Mateo's in Roslyn
A family feast at the Mateo's in Roslyn

Matteo's family style trattoria


Matteo's, with a new look and exciting new management team, was formally re-introduced to the dining public early in 2014. This always popular restaurant has been an iconic presence on the north shore of long island for many years. The newly redesigned and redecorated Matteo's has been transformed into a sophisticated and stylish restaurant.

When I received an invitation to dine at the "new" Matteo's, I was excited about seeing the 2014 edition of one of the tri-states most successful italian restaurants., The restaurant's offers excellent italian cuisine in an elegant and exceptionally beautiful venue.. Everything about Matteo' new dining rooms are visually exciting and unique. . Upon entering the restaurants main dining area, we were immediately impressed by the elegant dark wood bar and the decorative wood and glass hutches filled with liquors and wines. . This dining room is decorated in a warm taupe and eggshell color and has an exciting recessed decorative ceiling. Tables, chairs. and banquets filled the room. The adjacent rear dining room, accomodates larger groups, families, and parties as well as seating for couples. The decor in both dining rooms is soothing, with clean lines, beautiful chandeliers, and recessed lighting to illuminate the rooms.To make dining with little ones more enjoyable, Matteo's has built a small game area near the dining rooms, to keep younger children occupied and amused.

Matteo's luxe open kitchen glistens with brightly polished cooking utensils and dishes. Chef Anthony Matarana will be offering cooking classes under his guidance in this special area..

When we arrived, Giuseppe, Matteo's dapper and knowlegeable GM/partner welcomed us and led us to our table in the front dining room across from the bar. A bread basket with warm thick slices of italian crusty bread was quickly brought to our table along with with olive oil and butter. Matteo's offers a unique menu, a combination of family style dining as well as being able to order individual entrees.

Our dinner feast began with:

-A beautifully prepared plate of large white clams pancetta in a natural gravy...superb!

-a generous plate of pasta, clams shrimp, broccoli and kale in a natural gravy- a seafood lovers delight.

For our main dish, we were served Matteo's version of Chicken Scarpiello: Wings, legs, breast meat in a rich mix of roasted potatoes, onions, broccoli, and kale. The chicken was moist. delicious and totally delectable.

Prior to our dessert, Mauritzio sent over a fabulous new drink a "Marocchino"- A blend of rich dark expresso, chocolate nutella, and whipped cream- Simply terrific.

We then briefly spoke with the Gennaro, the owner of Matteo's about his future plans for Matteo's and his views on the the hospitality field. Our conversation gave us an insight into the hospitality business,as seen through the eyes of a highly successful restauranteur. Gennaro waited for a number of years for the reinvention of Matteo's until the right "team" could be assembled. The current team of GM Giuseppe Sasso, and Executive Chef Anthony Matarana bring a unique collaboration of youth, experience and knowledge to the restaurant.

Kudos to Gennaro, Giuseppe, and Chef Anthony, for an evening of delightful dining, fine service and a fantastic ambiance. Congratulations to the Rothmann's group for offering an exciting ,sophisticated and new Matteo's with the same glamour, style and fine food as in their fabulous Rothmann's steakhouse.

Matteo's offers new menu selections, easy to read and understand menu's and soon an assortment of new a la carte specials. All and all, dinner at Matteo's was exceptional for the food, service and ambiance. Highly recommended and a welcome addition to fine dining on the North Shore.

Matteo's Trattoria, 88 Mineola Avenue, Roslyn Heights, New York 11577, tel: 516-484-0555

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