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Master Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order by Faith Javane

Cycles of Divine Order
Faith Javane

Master Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order by Faith Javane


If you feel you want, or need, to go a step beyond Numerology and the Divine Triangle, this book can take you there. I really don’t feel like it’s a ‘have to read’, but it definitely takes you a little deeper into her system and ways of thinking.

Master Numbers: Cycle of Divine begins with a Prologue to the Journey which includes some interesting thoughts on involution and evolution, time stages, The Garden of Eden, and the usefulness of numerology.

Part Two follows the Soul’s Journey through the digits (1-9), the conversion point (10), special numbers (12, 13, 14, 16, and 19), and the zero octaves (20-90).

Part Three covers the Master Number’s 11-99.

There’s a lot of knowledge to gather between the covers of this book. In the end though, I believe this will be the go to book for when the special numbers, zero octaves, and the master numbers appear in the chart you are working with – adding a little icing on the cake of your knowledge and report.

Finding your numbers is only covered briefly. You will need to know more than a little before starting this book. As said before, this is a book to take you to the next level, beyond the basics of Numerology.

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