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Marvel’s Miracleman Book One A Dream of Flying review

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Miracleman Book One A Dream of Flying


Marvel has been shaking things up in their own universe for sometime now, but now they are taking it to a whole new level with creators Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham as they return to the series that changed comic’s forever returns Miracleman. This series has been long out of print, but Marvel is planned the biggest comeback for the character ever by painstakingly restoring to begin publishing the legendary run of the series that began in Warrior Magazine and through the now defunct Eclipse Comics including stories from “The Original Writer”.

The news that these guys were returning to the series to not only bring back the original issues but also to finally finish what they started over 20 years ago was huge, but now fans can get their hand on the first collection of this release with Miracleman: Book One A Dream of Flying. There is little to say about these issues other than they are amazing. It’s cool to see these back in print with such vibrant colors making them appear almost like they are new. For anyone that doesn’t know the story and thinks this is familiar it is because when this book originally was conceived it was meant to be the answer for Captain Marvel, but eventually for various reasons was renamed and Miracleman was born. It is really hard to review a book like this that contains such classic issues because you already know they are great but the addition of shorter stories and the layouts make it a revelation to any true comic fan. This is one of those classic characters and books that offer everything that comics should be and were back in the day. Books just do not compare to these anymore, so it’s always great to be able to revisit these stories especially ones that shaped so much of the industry.

This is a must have collection for not only fans of the character, but anyone that calls themselves a comic fan. This book not only collects Marvel’s issues 1-4 but also includes a cover gallery, behind the scenes of pages and character designs as well as some promotional material.

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