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Marvel releases new animated feature Iron Man Captain America Heroes United

Iron Man and Captain America Heroes United


Marvel has been pretty dominating in Hollywood lately with Captain America: Winter Soldier tearing up the box office and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy already generating a ton of positive buzz. Last year they kicked off an all-new animated series of films with Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United. This film didn’t rack up too many positive reviews, but they are hoping to change that with the latest entry Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United but will it be able to step it up and deliver what the last film was lacking?

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Captain America: Heroes United follows the duo as they team up to keep the Red Skull and his triggerman, Taskmaster, from unleashing an army of Hydra Brutes on the world! With the first film the animation style was a bit off putting giving a strange sheen that made it feel more like a cheap video game than an animated feature. Here it is the same animation but looks as though they cleaned it up just a bit. The story is another straight by the books entry into the universe allowing fans to have fun watching Cap and Iron Man battling both verbally and physically. What makes this one work a little better is the addition of the always great character the Red Skull and Taskmaster to help amp up the action. There is just enough story here to keep things moving forward, but there is way more action throughout to keep fans entertained. Iron Man does all the normal things you expect, but its always fun to see the varying creative ways that Cap uses his shield in action and here it doesn’t disappoint.

A midst all the action they do manage to bring another fan favorite character in on the action making for a fun little film that might not be one of the best, but still works. This one does stand out a bit more than the last one in the series but for those that didn’t enjoy that one they will probably not like this one much either. This time around at least for now it’s only getting released on Digital HD, On-Demand and Disney Movies Anywhere available now.