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Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 review

Review by xonerdygirl

Wolverine # 1


We all know and love, our not so huggable, Wolverine. Logan is a Canadian mutant who can grow claws out of his hands. And thanks Weapon X his bones are coated in a hard metal, giving him super sharp claw. Another huge part of Wolverine's mutant powers is his ability to heal. This made him almost immortal. It is said that the only way to kill Wolverine is to cut off his head and keep it far away from his body.
The new Marvel NOW! comic Wolverine, written by Paul Cornell, penciled by Ryan Stegman, inked by Mark Morales and colored by David Curiel, gives us a whole new spin on our beloved Wolverine. They take away his heal factor! A big part of Wolverine is gone. He is now apart of this new team and working for "The Offer". Yeah they couldn't come up with a better name I guess. They even joke about it the comic. Wolverine now has some Iron Man like armor to protect him from being killed and a new girlfriend named Pinch, yeah I don't know who she is either.
The story takes us back to him talking to Ororo about how Sabretooth almost killed him and gave him this huge scar over his eye. Ororo also suggests that he "look into some new training options." So we see him and Black Widow together shoot guns and flirting. So we now have the set up for a story about a healing powerless Wolverine in armor who shoots guns. And not only does he shoot guns, he kills again too. What happened to the post X Force non killing Wolverine?
Over all I do enjoy where this comic is going. I think the story line is going to be good and full of action since we have a killing Wolverine again. The art is gorgeous and clear. You can see everything going on and read with ease. Have you picked up the new Wolverine #1 from Marvel NOW!? What do you think about it?