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Marvel Heroes Review

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Marvel Heroes


The Action RPG field of late has been lack luster with D3 failing to meet expectations; TorchLight 2 being miserably predictive; and Path of Exile fermenting little outside of grinding.

My last venture into this field led me to the ARPG Marvel Heroes --

For a F2P game it's quite fun; the story is enticing; and the ambient sound effects are hilarious.

With a huge roster of playable heroes the game really does provide quite a bit of replayability; perhaps the only draw back is the lack of end game content which sort of forces you to keep recycling the game with the prestige system or new heroes.

It's one to watch for sure as it's F2P; and not P2Win -- A big plus.

The biggest con is it's stability; the game is constantly bugged; and corrupted following updates; so be ready to sit through multiple patched repairs each week.