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Marvel Comics Thanos The Infinity Revelation review

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Thanos the Infinity Revelation


Creator Jim Starlin returns to his signature character Thanos for the all-new original graphic novel Thanos: The Infinity Revelation that will bring a story of death and rebirth that is sure to change the Marvel Universe again. In this all-new original graphic novel there is an imbalance in the universe. Since his return, Thanos feels incomplete. Now the so-called Mad Titan plans to put both wrongs right. The revelatory waters of the Infinity Well lead Thanos on a new quest, with a once sworn enemy, Adam Warlock, at his side in a crusade that will bring confrontation with the Silver Surfer and the galaxy's mightiest heroes the Annihilators.

When the Infinity Guantlet series hit the stands it changed everything. Thanos and Adam Warlock became bigger players in the Marvel Universe and for a few years were everywhere. Now these two are back where they belong in Starlin’s hands and it feels like he never left. While this book still manages to span galaxies it feels a bit more reigned in than the previous stories he has taken on, but in a good way. Here, Starlin has brought a buffet of galactic awesomeness to the table featuring a wide variety of cameos including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer, a spacenight, Beta Ray Bill, and more without ever making it feel too cluttered. Despite the appearance of these characters this story is all about Thanos and Warlock and explores the relationship between these two arch-enemies as they travel through space and time searching for the mysterious revelation. The story is exactly as expected from Starlin with these characters and the artwork is top notch as always. He brings an epic scope to the story that is needed to really experience the depth of the universe that they are dealing with and creating throughout the book.

This book not only brings the iconic creator back where he belongs, but also re-introduces Adam Warlock and will no doubt set new things in motion that will bring the Mad Titan back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Fans of the Starlin, Thanos and the Infinity Guantlet storylines will not want to miss this great graphic novel. Those that never had the pleasure of reading those, this is a great intro to Starlin, but be sure to get out there and check out the others that are all available in various formats.

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