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Marvel Comics Nightcrawler #1

Marvel Comics
Todd Nauck

nightcrawler #1


If you're a long time X-Men fan, or specifically the character Nightcrawler, then you must give this one a chance! From long time Marvel (and X-Men) scribe, Chris Claremont, and artist Todd Nauck, we get to see Kurt Wagner, as he's been resurrected, and he's raring to go! He has a quick training session with Logan in the Danger Room, then an even quicker talk with Rachel. She asks him to go to dinner, but then he sees a picture of his old flame, Amanda Sefton.

Fast forward to later in the day, and Amanda Sefton walks into her home, and is greeted by her former lover. The two embrace, and begin to talk about old times. Before you know it, some guy in a suit of armor comes crashing through the door, and attacks them both! Initially, he has Kurt on his heels, but then Nightcrawler uses his battle experience to outwit the armor-plated villain, and win the fight. The two then decide to traverse the globe to see if Amanda's mother, Margali, is alright.

Overall, the book was kind of dry. Not bad, but definitely not anything to get worked up about either. Of course, it was only the first issue, and you need to give it a fair shake. The artwork by Todd Nauck was very good, and not much more could've been asked for on that end. The issue was a quick read to say the least, but did cover a few bases in that time frame.

Was this issue the big "boom" everybody wanted? No, but it does have potential that can be exploited, and hopefully, Chris Claremont will bring his A-game to this project. With the comic book industry fluctuating like it is, will books like this ever be safe from cancellation? Who knows, but there are always back issues!