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Marvel Comics Moon Knight # 1 review

Moon Knight # 1


While Marvel has some of the most recognizable characters around, some of their best ones continue to ride under the radar never fully getting the treatment they deserve. One such character, Moon Knight is basically their answer to Batman, but has gone through countless incarnations from mercenary to being an Avenger and no matter what they do to the character they always find new ways to invent him. Now one of the coolest characters in the Marvel Universe is back in an all-new series with Moon Knight # 1.


In the series Marc Spector had died in Egypt underneath the statue of Khonshu only to return as the vigilante Moon Knight, but eventually went completely insane and disappeared. Now he is back like never before and has seemingly brought some new personas with him. Of all the directions they have taken this character this might be the one that makes the most sense for his road to have taken him. This issue jumps right into the strange new direction of this series that will leave some baffled as to where it is going, but while it doesn’t reveal too much in this first issue it offers just enough to make the current entry into the legend of Moon Knight make some sense. Hardcore fans may not be a fan of the more business look of the character in this issue, but it looks as though this will be only one of the versions that will appear in this series. This first issue look does give a classic comic feel that could add a fun dynamic to the character, but hopefully it will not take the front line as opposed to the original look. The artwork has a rough style to it that works fine here but doesn’t really bring the old school vibe needed to give this issue the punch it needed. Make no mistake it is still good, but with previous artist such as David Finch working on the character it will always be an uphill battle.

This is a new chapter for Moon Knight that will hopefully add just enough new elements to the character to take it in some bold new directions without completely washing away what makes this character so great. If you have ever been a fan of Spector then give this series a try and grab Moon Knight # 1 available now.

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