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Martial Arts and food combine for ' Bushido Man'

Bushido Man


While Shout Factory has become a force with their ongoing releases of horror classics, they have a much wider library of entertainment they bring to the masses. Lately they have been showcasing even more martial arts titles both new and old. The latest, Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles which delivers something a bit different to the genre.

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Shout Factory

Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles follows Toramaru, lord of integrated martial arts Mugen-ga-ryu, who has ended his training journey to duel with every martial arts master and win to obtain their esoteric books of martial secrets and visits his master, Gensai to tell the tale of his battles with genuine masters in every martial arts such as kung-fu, stick fighting, sword fighting, and nunchaku. This film keeps things simple allowing food, fights and some humor to tell this story. The film is broken into segments of him telling the master of his conflicts that all start out with him eating a meal to represent something related to the fight. There is little back story to each segment, but it’s not necessary as it is all about the fighting. The majority of the action sequences are well done and pretty fun to watch with only a couple of them not working all that well. While the layout of this film may not seem like it has much of a direction there are some twists and turns later on that helps to make it feel like more than just the series of fights.

This film is a lot of fun and is sure to entertain all those martial arts lovers out there, but be warned that all the various food that makes an appearance here might make you quite hungry as well. In addition to the film this release also features a behind the scenes feature that takes you even further into the world of Bushido Man so be sure to grab your copy when it hits Blu-ray and DVD June 10th.

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