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Marriott Grande Ocean is The Best Place to Stay on HIlton Head

Marriott Grande Ocean Resort at Hilton Head


If you live in California, going to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a vacation in the winter, may cause others to question your sanity. And with good reason. In the winter, Hilton Head can get as low as 45 degrees. (laugh here)

But if you are staying in a nice hotel/resort, such as the Marriott Grande Ocean, the weather outside hardly matters!

Why go to The Marriott Grande Ocean on Hilton Head in the Winter?

4 Reasons:

1) The resort is on the beach.

2) The resort is on the beach!!!! (Yes! It's that important it was repeated it twice!) Lots to see and do on and in the explanation needed.

3) Since it's not just a hotel, each room has a kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! That's 1 King, 2 Queen and 1 pull out couch! Big enough to sleep 8 people in beds and whoever else you can get to sleep on the floor or blow up mattress! And big enough that you all won't kill each other before the vacation ends.

4) There is an indoor swimming pool and hot tub! Perfect for those cold days! There are a few outdoor ones if you are there in the summer!

5) Hilton Head island has beautiful bike paths that everyone rents bikes. The Marriott Grande Ocean rents the bikes for $10 a day, $20 for 3 days and 30 for the week. Get the family a bike and ride around the whole island. In the winter, since no one is on the beach, take the bikes on the hard sand and cruise for miles and miles! Trust me, it will be the most fun you'll have in a long time! The Marriott Grande Ocean has tandem bikes too. So if two of your family members want to trade in your current bike for a 2-fer, they are willing to do this at the same price!

6) Games. Every day, all day the Marriott Grande Ocean has activities. Some as hilarious as Family Feud, Candy Bingo, Deal or No Deal, Newlywed Game (refurbished for long term married couples!) to name a few. All these games involve your entire family (except the dating one) and are so fun and engaging everyone comes and begs for more! It's a great way to meet other travelers/neighbors staying at the hotel (because you are there all week!) and becoming life long travel friends is not an impossibility!

7) Movies. There are 3 flat screen TV's in each room. Every night the Marriott Grande Ocean offers a single current movie and if you turn your TV to that channel, you can watch the movie for free. Also, they have a large catalog of movies to rent for $5 per movie or 2 per day all week long for $15. Quite a steal if you are staying a full week and love to watch movies with your family! (don't forget to buy popcorn!)

Bottom Line: There is nothing like getting away for a full week with your family. Your kids are only young just once. Taking a trip like this during the winter (as this review was done) or in the summer add fun and memories to last a life time. Don't wait to do things like this with your family. Go! See! Do!

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