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Married To The Samsung S3

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There's no denying it; I'm married to my Samsung Galaxy S3, at least until the contract expires. Unlike a real marriage, I can get out of this after the 2 year contract. It's like a marriage that lasts for 2 years and then each party has the opportunity to renew their vows. You can get a divorce, but just like a real divorce where there are lawyer fees and a settlement, you have to pay an early-termination fee. That's what you get for terminating the marriage to your phone.

Do you know what messed up my relationship with my S3? Verizon demos, that's what. I was fine, I had just gotten a new S3...then my writing career...oh, that's what it was...I let my writing career become more important than my relationship. I always said the Verizon demos would be business, all business. But I really let the Verizon phones work me over, boy.