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Maroon 5 High V's Fans & Critics Mapped Around the World

Adam Levine & Gwen Stefani Elevate V
Adam Levine & Gwen Stefani Elevate VGoogle Images

Maroon Five's New Album, 'V'


Maroon 5's new album out today, 'V,' strikes gold and gives fans and newcomers everything they want from a pop/rock band; good vibes, smooth tones and catchy lyrics.

Front man and global superstar, Adam Levine, guides Maroon 5 to another galaxy with their clever, often funny and sexy album. 'V' goes back to the roots that made the band an immediate favorite from critics and music lovers all over the galaxy. Considered to be one of the best pop/rock bands of our generation, 'V' showcases a more mature, sweeter Levine as he navigates through life and his rockstar status. While the band itself is a force to be reckon' with, it's Mr. Levine that continues to make Maroon 5 relevant, fresh and ultimately the best commercial band on the planet.

Each song on 'V' elevates the mood you may feel today and reminisces on past decisions, lovers and pickles we've all suffered over the past year. 'V' gives off an eclectic, softer tone giving the audience a sense of freedom, passion and our hidden desires to finally come alive. 'It Was Always You,' the second lead single off the album, tells the story of a friendship that was always meant to head for the alter. 'Animal,' a huge hit on the radio now, shows the beastly, sex-crazed side of Levine that makes you want to find a f**k buddy right away and indulge in fantasies only you and your hand know about. 'Leaving California,' slows things down a bit and has Adam setting a lover free from the craziness of California as she continues her journey away from the madness, although not quite sure if leaving California is the best option. One of the best songs on the album features the fabulously talented, Gwen Stefani. 'My Heart is Open,' is chillingly fierce, sad and happy at the same time. Gwen's hypnotic, sweet voice escapes fans to another state of happiness and a never-ending journey of love.

Whether you're a Maroon 5 fan or not, they continue to produce refreshing music, erotic stories and popular music that will dominate airwaves throughout 2014 & 2015. High five to you, Maroon 5!

Download immediately: 'Animals,' 'It Was Always You,' 'In Your Pocket' & 'My Heart is Open.'