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Mark Sullivan's "Outlaw' is a great action packed thrill ride

Robin Monarch chases leads in the entertaining Outlaw
Minotaur Books

Outlaw by Mark Sullivan


The action thriller genre is alive and well this winter. Case in point, the always entertaining, highly diverting and action packed "Outlaw", the second book in Mark Sullivan's Rogue series.

Robin Monarch, call sign Rogue, is a thief, who joined the United States special forces, only to leave and once again become a thief, has been called to the White House. The Secretary of State, while meeting with similarly situated officials from China and India, has been kidnapped by pirates, who want untold millions to free them. The President hires Monarch and his team to find the missing diplomats. However, the Chinese and Indians have required Monarch to take a top agent from each of their countries to help.

Moon Dragon, a Chinese Triad leader is actively involved in the plot with the pirate leader, orchestrating various attacks on US, Chinese and Indian interests. There are world-wide terrorist attacks, all supposedly perpetrated by allies of the pirates. Moon Dragon, who always seems to know where Monarch and his team are going sends teams of thugs and murderers to stop the team.

As Monarch follows leads and clues, he and his team constantly have to escape and thwart the armed thugs trying to kill them. There are great action scenes, high flying stunts, cat burglary and untold gun battles and fights.

Its very entertaining. Buckle up and take the plunge on this awesome thrill ride.