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Mario Badescu whitening face mask

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Mario Badescu Whitening Mask


I used to be a huge fan of Mario Badescu back in the day and just suddenly for no apparent reason about 6 years ago stopped ordering. Maybe I got busy, maybe I found some other products to use who knows! I can't remember 2 minutes ago much less than 6 years ago! Can you say perimenopause?

Mario Badescu sends $10 off coupons to you on your birthday every year and so this year I thought I may just visit their website and have a "look see" at some of their products and use my coupon. I will say they do have a lot of products to choose from, however I had a very hard time finding a product that did not contain parabens. This upset me as parabens are NOT good for you. When I was about to give up I did find a whitening/brightening mask that did not have parabens! So I took a chance and ordered and I'm glad that I did!

I've used this just a handful of times and noticed almost immediate results in the brightening of my skin. I suffer from melasma since having my last two children so late in life (call it hormones I suppose) and I feel it helped to make it appear lighter. I had just come off vacationing in the sun with an awesome tan and my sunscreen had melted off my face several times causing my melasma to darken so I was left with even darker patches. Using this mask really helped fade the extra "dark" I got from my week by the pool.

In all honesty, this lightening could of been just normal fading of a tan on my face or this product did indeed help. I am continuing to use it however 3X per week and still love it. Perhaps it's the placebo effect where I am wanting it to work so it is, however I doubt that since I've tried tons of other products with no avail.

I am going to stick with this mask for the long haul and see what further unfolds in the lightening department. It has a nice light scent and is easy to use. Just apply and leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. My pores also appear tighter and my skin feels firmer after, none of which the mask claims to do but I noted it.

You get 2 oz. for $24 and you can purchase it here. You also get the choice of 3 samples when you make a purchase which is an added bonus, yet again I had a hard time finding anything that didn't contain parabens to choose from but ended up finding some after all (again there are VERY few products that don't contain parabens so be careful).

*Side note: I contacted Mario Badescu and asked if they were ever going to start carrying paraben free products or removing them from their existing products. I was told no, that the parabens in their products are little and "not toxic" and that the parabens actually help with the product not going rancid. Okay, Mario Badescu, whatever....just don't put that crap in my now favorite face mask!*

Until next time Jackson.......stay beautiful!