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Mariah Masks her True Talent on Latest Attempt to Claim Pop Throne

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One of the greatest female voices in pop music is back with her new album, 'Me. I am Mariah,' & unfortunately the dashing diva crashes on this aggravating attempt to revive her career on the charts and amazing production.

The first two ballads soar and give hope that the rest of the album will slowly bust out with songs reminiscent of 'Migrate,' 'Side Effects', 'Heartbreaker' and 'Say Somethin,' featuring Snoop Dogg. We get who you are, Mariah, but does this production value really exude the amazing vocalist/chart slayer you have been accustomed to in the past? Ugh, no. Other than a decent track called 'Dedicated,' featuring Nas, MC fails to give us the summer sassiness of 2005's 'The Emancipation of Mimi,' that brought her back to surface and provided Mariah with many accolades and Grammy awards to add to her resume. Oh, Mariah, what was going on during recording sessions on the studio, girl? You're absolutely amazing and deserve to shine album after album, especially with all the technology and ridiculously talented producers floating around the world.

'Me. I am Mariah,' is one over-produced track after another shying away from the Neptunes/Pharrell influence that made her previous albums so great. None of the songs stay with you or make you want to cruise in the car with a big smile on your face. Not only does the new album bore to death, it just doesn't make sense. After all of the trials and tribulations Mariah has endured throughout her tumultuous past, the album masks her true talent and the gitty feeling we all received from her most recent past studio albums. Now, this is no meltdown like the disastrous 'Glitter' stint, although I did love 'Loverboy,' but next time, Mariah give us what we really want, memorable records!