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Mariah Carey, 'Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse': Track-by-track review

Me. I am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse


Having viewed the making of Mariah Carey's fourteenth studio collection throughout the span of a meticulous three years that it took to develop– throughout which the spread pomp, title, release dates and various coordinated effort bits of gossip have been released, affirmed and withdrew – its a challenge to explain what the chanteuse's fans may have felt as they anticipated the record itself. If anyone knows music- the singer, songwriter, and diva pon de studio Mariah Carey knows music, and with this record, it shows.

Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse
Mariah Carey

At long last listening to Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse in its whole, its hard to advise precisely what Mimi anticipated , but it is evident that the vocal powerhouse has an extraordinary story to tell...

"Cry": Slowly easing onto her throne, Mariah opens like the queen that she is with a big ol' piano ballad. It lets us know, why she is the Queen. From the first line, she immediately draws us in and by the end of the track, we feel her pain. It is pure talent and emotion conveyed when she says "might as well tell the truth about the battle". However even through this pain, she wants to endure the pain, come together, and cry.

"Faded": If you pay close attention you hear many different Mariahs on this track. Some do percussive "oh" and "eh" scatting, while even one goes into that extremely high glass-shatter register that the diva is world known. This track is definitely a grown up R&B sound that Mimi superbly works. It is so sensual to hear her use both that high register and low sultriness here. "Always somewhere but you're not there for me" she belts until the beat drops.

"Dedicated": "Carey like Mariah".. now this brings us back—as Mariah and Nas discuss throughout the track how Heavy D, Slick Rick, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Run-D.M.C. have solidified themselves as music of the vocal angel's past.

"Beautiful": Mariah and Miguel both let each know other that excellence is the thing driving their captivation, and on account of a retro-cutting edge soul track. With Miguel declaring how beautiful his moment with Mariah Carey is and with her answering back this track has became a modern R&B hit.

"Thirsty": Backed by Hit-Boy's hip-jump beat, Mariah airs out a fame-whore lover who just needs to ride on her notoriety. We all know thirsty people that this is more than an salute to.

"Make It Look Good": And that's what MC does here. She take us on the journey of love with Stevie Wonder co-signing the melody. Her infectious giggle at the end is a proper indication of how she makes it look good, sound good, and feel good.

"Your Mine (Eternal)": With its straightforward piano backing, sweet verses and The Butterfly Queen skittering throughout this single looks more like "We Belong Together" than any of the others. Once again, on the Me I am Mariah, Mariah confesses she's weak even with affection. There's some of her highest notes ever hit at the end of the track, so it's sure to be a classic.

"You Don't Know What to Do": The collection's first true opportunity to really get up and groove brings Mariah and rapper Wale onto a disco type track that makes you want to get up and shake like it's the 70's.

"Supernatural": Here the career of "Dembabies," Mariah and Nick Cannon's twins, Monroe and Moroccan. Roro starts the track off showing that she has mother's vocal talents as she sings, "RoRo be go" and then Rocky comes in and says "I got you mommy" as Mariah sings. "Gradually, keep me here dependably/ You're the main thing that is genuine." Dem Babies bring a lot of undeniable sweetness to this smooth track and really shows off the love they have for their mom, and she has for her little ones. At the end of the track the little diva Monroe lets us know that she too "a chanteuse", with Mariah answering back in her world famous Mariahism "I know you are dahhling".

"Meteorite": After putting Roc N Roe to nite nite, Mimi puts on her stilettos and heads right back to the nightclub honey! This time, its Q-Tip giving the disco beat, and as Mariah gets down, she presents some insight on how it feels when she steps into the club. She's "turnt up all the way" she screams. This track is something fresh and different from any music out there. Her voice sounds A+mazing and it's definitely a festive listen.

"Camoflauge": Here Mariah delivers what may be the largest ballad on Me I am Mariah. It is here she again lets us know who she is and how extraordinary she sounds. The diva sounds so smooth and raw, and that's what keeps us caught up in the emotions with her.

"Money": Every album needs a "money don't mean nothing" moment, and here, Mariah and Fabolous gives us just that. With the two working it over a thumping Hit-Boy beat it is easy to get into the "ooh ooh's" and classic feel of this track. How solid is this affection Mariah and Fab are singing about? It obviously trumps "occasions" and "hollandaise," now that is something serious. Mariah shows that she is an impeccable songwriter even on a feel good, hype track like this one, she's able to throw shade as she declares "money this that and the other don't mean nothing".

"One More Try": Mariah shows off her '80s taste with this delightful upgrade of George Michael's "One More Try." She carries a smooth, raw tone throughout which shows us that in the case of the Queen of the Octaves, we can be just as easily captured with her low register just as much as her signature atmospheric one.

"Heavenly (No Ways Tired/ Can't Give Up Now)": Mariah always delivers at least one powerhouse gospel anthem, and with that voice, it is definitely with just. She starts this one off with a preacher stating Bible verses, before she comes onto the track. As she presses through, more Mariah's come into play, and before the song's end, there is even a full size choir shouting right along with her about how they can not give up now.

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