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Marga Gomez' "Lovebirds" Is a Valentine of a One Woman Show

Marga Gomez opens "Lovebirds" One Woman Show in SF.
Marga Gomez opens "Lovebirds" One Woman Show in SF.

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It's easy for a one person show to go seriously wrong. But when it goes right, it's sublime.

Marga Gomez opened her "Lovebirds" show at the Marsh Theatre this weekend and it's all that the buzz promised it to be.

Gomez plays a series of characters all seemingly connected through a photographer named Polaroid Phillie who meets lovebirds at different stages of romance.

Gomez is a master at playing multiple roles as she is able to switch accents and positions on stage in a snap, making the audience feel that there is a multitude of characters in the show.

We follow the go-getter street photographer as she tries to sell framed Polaroid pictures to the lovebirds in the photos. Through Phillie's eyes, we hear of stories of people in love. Gomez does a brilliant job inhabiting these characters, especially a couple on a dance floor in which she dances into each part.

As a writer, Gomez also excels, creating scenes in some true life places from GLBT history, including a bar called Bonnie & Clyde, which enjoyed a decade as a lesbian hangout in the 1970s/80s.

"Lovebirds" actually passed the real test - it was well received by real lovebirds. I took a couple of lesbian friends who finally got married after 33 years of partnership. Fans of Gomez, they too were charmed by this production and found many moments in the show to hold hands, expressing their own love.

The show plays the intimate Marsh space through March 15...small space also means you shouldn't wait to book your tickets (especially for Valentine's Day!).

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