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Marching to the Beat of his Own Drum

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Vance Joy performing at The Pageant


Vance Joy is quite the bowler, or so he tells us during his performance at The Pageant on March 21st, his quick Australian accent floating through the air.
“I bowled a turkey. Do you guys know what that is?” he asked the cheering crowd looking quite smug with himself, his humorous comments balancing the otherwise morose lyrics he put forth in his songs.

Backed by a keyboardist, a drummer and a bass player that looked suspiciously like Kurt Cobain, Joy stood front and center and marched to his songs steady, lumbering tempo. Most of the numbers started off with Joy playing his guitar, a somber melody that slowly picked up speed and band members. Songs about wanting to be with someone you can’t, and snaggleteeth, Joy played through them assuredly, his twangy tenor vibrato relaxed and enjoying every moment of being on stage. The second to last song “Play With Fire,” even featured him on Ukulele, the instrument adorably small against his tall frame.

With every song he performed, the crowd acknowledged his talents more and more. And since most of his songs were moderately fast or slow, his last song “Riptide,” was the perfect contrast to end the set with. Being his most famous song thus far in his career, many in the crowd sang along and cheered him through the end of the performance, and to the start of a great career in folk rock.