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Marc Jacobs and the Vision for perfection

eyewear by Marc Jacobs


Golly gosh gee, Memphis has really broadened its horizons when it comes to fashion. Fashion accessories are brimming with excitement, hot hand bags and dynamic jewelry are just a few accessories to hit the local stores. Would you just get a load of that diva with the Gucci watch, she knows what really gets all the attention.

The focus at of this new year may be firmly planted in the line of fashion accessories, but the target is firmly in line with Marc Jacobs eyewear line.

Marc Jacobs is an amazing designer, having fought his way through both poverty and opposition. Through many terms in fashion school, intern jobs and other ventures; this designer has learned all aspects of the fashion industry. He has become an Icon and a fashion giant.
Marc Jacobs was born into a Jewish family in New York city, in the year of 1963. Marc Jacobs left home at a very early age to pursue his dreams. He struggled to the top through his visions of fashion stardom; And we are all glad that he did. After all, vision is where the focus seems to be.

Marc Jacobs has created some of the most striking and edgy designs that the fashion Industry has seen. His vision has even caused him to teeter on the edge of acceptance. The controversial products from the mind of this genius have led to his ultimate fame; and the creation of one of the best lines in eyewear to date.

Marc by Marc Jacobs was founded in 2001 and has revolutionized the way we look at fashion. From the inception of his second fashion line, Marc Jacobs launched his amazing eyewear brand in 2007. The response has been incredible. His various frame designs and concepts have drawn new blood in retail stores worldwide. Everyone is taking notice of his simplistic yet highly contagious eyewear. These products are quality made and seen as true modern classics!

Marc by Marc Jacobs created this line of eyewear to be constructed of only the best materials. The frames are very lightweight and presented in both metals and Acetates. The finish is flawless and beautiful to say the least. The various colors of the frames suit any wardrobe or function imaginable; and the lenses are scratch proof. These quality handmade products have made waves in retail and the fashion industry. Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear has become an Indulgence for trendsetters, spreading like wildfire and moving like hotcakes. Marc Jacobs has done it again! This Icon of fashion has managed to yet again amaze and make heads turn, and we knew he would.

So as we flock to the stores this new year, let us not forget about the amazing accessories that are causing waves in the fashion industry. Beautiful scarves and outrageous shoe designs; none of this compares to Marc by Marc Jacobs, extraordinary and amazing eyewear for the model and the model wanna be! Fashion is not just for the professional, after all; fashion is for everyone!

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