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Review of Marc Jacob's Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation

Marc Jacob's Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation


Marc Jacobs is a rockstar on the runway, but his new Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation is best left for mortuary beauticians and circus stars. Step right up and get it folks, “Face Cake only $48 per bottle!” No one loves a heavy, matte foundation more than I do, but this liquid makeup is atrocious. Okay, I may be laying it on a bit thick for such a runny foundation.

Marc Jacob's Genius Gel Foundation
Seth Roberts

I have great skin; so I’ve never been all too disappointed with a foundation because I’m not looking for it to do anything altogether special. I just want a nice photo finish airbrushed look. This foundation grossly failed to do that. Not only did it look terrible but it also had an awful chemical smell. At first I thought the product had gone sour. Apparently that is the product’s ‘fragrance’. I don’t know about you, but personally I do not want a drying fragrance on my face. That is what perfume is for.

I can say only two good things about this product. 1) The bottle is pretty. 2) Their lightest shade, Ivory Light, matched my hard to blend super pale skin tone.

I will continue to support MJ's other ventures, but this foundation is simply subpar.