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Map Review - Waterfalls of Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina

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Waterfalls of Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina


Waterfalls of Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina

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Published by Outdoor Paths Publishing in association with Pisgah Map Company, 2013

While this could be considered as the sister to OPP’s Waterfalls of North Carolina map, the two publications are actually quite different. Most obvious is the North Carolina map was dealing with more than 300 waterfalls while this map covers only about 85 cascades with 32 in South Carolina and the remainder in Georgia. Coordinating with the lower number of falls is reduced photos, only 6 (by Rich Stevenson, well-known for his, and only 2 insets (Cohutta Wilderness and Tallulah Gorge) for concentrations of falls.

With the lesser number of waterfalls, insets and photos, there is more room for map details to be enhanced. The legend lists 16 site types from waterfalls to summits to target ranges plus identified trails and forest/park boundaries. As with the prior map, all this is presented in excellent topographic detail.

On the North Carolina map, descriptions for the waterfalls included non-essential information such as the Beauty Rating and Land Owner. This time, the descriptions for each waterfall are more concise:

  • Map location. The map is a grid making locating falls easy.
  • Waterfall name.
  • Trail length.
  • Trail rating.
  • Trailhead GPS coordinates.
  • Driving directions to trailhead.
  • Waterfall GPS coordinates.
  • Hiking directions.

Cartography hounds and waterfallers will greatly appreciate this map, while others interested in the geography of the area can have fun just studying all the features.