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Manifest Moment To Moment - new book provides integrative guidance for life

Manifest Moment to Moment book cover, Hay House, Tejpal & Carrol McLaughlin, cover design by Tricia Breidenthal

Manifest Moment To Moment: 8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire


Manifest Moment To Moment: 8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire is an empowering spiritual guidebook for building self-awareness and applying exercises that engage the body, mind, and spirit to foster greater well-being and fulfillment. This self-help guidebook is written by Tejpal and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin, two multi-talented women who bring together their diverse experience and expertise to present a wide range of insights and exercises to help readers transform their lives. Drawing from psychology, metaphysics, coaching, yoga, NLP, EFT, energy healing, music and sound healing, and other disciplines and traditions, this book addresses key components of personal development.

The 8 principles that form the outline of the book are:

1. You have a unique soul mission.
2. It's all about energy.
3. Intuition is the magic wand.
4. Your belief and your story do not define you and can be changed.
5. Your desire forms the basis of every manifestation.
6. Intention overcomes every obstacle.
7. You have the power to clear, heal, and reinvent constantly.
8. Your inner guidance knows the path to creating life balance.

Tejpal and Carrol share a variety of their own experiences as well as anecdotes about others that illustrate the principles and practices they teach. This book is filled with many exercises highlighted in a box with the words "Claim It!" and the name of the exercise. The authors are both quite knowledgeable and experienced with metaphysical and spiritual arts, and they provide useful explanations of topics such as chakras, elements, balance, intuition, manifestation, and life paths. There is a good chance that you will find something in this book that sparks a new insight or presents a useful practice for you to apply.

The title of the book comes from the idea that we are always manifesting, whether we are conscious and mindful about it or not. This is similar to other popular new thought and new age spiritual teachings, where we are reminded to be more deliberate creators, to master how we work with the law of attraction and focus our intentions. This book nicely balances the idea of manifesting with the subject of tuning in to our Soul and spiritual guidance. This helps us recognize our natural essence and innate gifts, and leads us to focus on what brings us meaning and fulfillment rather than merely trying to conform to what those around us think is important.

This book provides many practical resources to help us find greater balance, peace, joy, and fulfillment. For an integrative guide to embracing life and expressing and embodying more of your potential, I would highly recommend reading this book. Manifest Moment To Moment was published this June of 2014 by Hay House. For additional information, visit the authors' website

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