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Managing debt: Human error when using apps could've been much worse for one user

That did it! time to reset this thing!
That did it! time to reset this thing!
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At the end of next month, Manilla was ending its online mobile bill paying service. In the last few weeks, transferring all of my information to Mobilligy was to at least keep track of my upcoming bills that needed paying. Earlier this month, the first of my bills came in, but my bank account was not set. Consequently, one of my credit cards was charged.

Because it was after the 10 minute limit, my having to contact the credit card company and the cable company had to take place. As of May 18, my cable company changed my bill pay option from credit card to bank account and the credit card company has put that charge on my card as a dispute.

There were two reasons why it was wise to look before zapping when using a mobile phone:

  1. Make sure the correct bank account information was entered before paying the bill
  2. If the card didn’t have a mobile app for paying, it was wise not adding it to the list

Because my user I.D. and password would not take on line, my credit card bill had to be paid by automated phone a few days ago. Today, my contacting the company over this issue wasn’t that difficult as it had been to reboot my extremely slow computer web browser. The land line phone wasn’t hooked to the base so the code to reset my password never went through. As a result, my searching for the saved credit card account and password had to have been done by me manually through the manage saved password section of Google Chrome.

The Bible said:

Nehemiah 10:30-32

30 “We promise not to give our daughters in marriage to the peoples around us or take their daughters for our sons
31 “When the neighboring peoples bring merchandise or grain to sell on the Sabbath, we will not buy from them on the Sabbath or on any holy day. Every seventh year we will forgo working the land and will cancel all debts
32 “We assume the responsibility for carrying out the commands to give a third of a shekel each year for the service of the house of our God: (NIV)

The company had not allowed both the user ID and password to have been saved on line because of safety issues. That’s why logging in via computer was impossible. It didn’t help that this card with no cell phone app was on the list at Mobilligy either.

That seemed to have worked. All that was needed on line was checking the balance on the card. Sometimes other charges were incurred even after paying the balance. Luckily, there was none. To prevent this in the future, the password was not saved to my browser and the card was removed from the mobile app on my cell phone. My thanks to God went for this not having been any worse than a gadget malfunction due to human error.

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