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Manage Contacts For Small Business With Efficient Address Book Network

Efficient Address Book Network


Managing contacts is one of the most important concerns for small and medium sized businesses. It is just as important for large enterprises too but when you are a big company you already have everything in place to take care of the contacts. For small to medium enterprises, Efficient Address Book Network is probably the best product out there for its ease of use, great features, customization options and convenient integration. This software has everything that a company would need in order to manage the contacts and make use of this data efficiently among the employees working for the company.

Any software meant for recording contacts must have some additional features than storing contact details. For example, if you are a sales person and need to keep the records of potential customers, you would want to record comments about your potential customers too. You would want some additional comments feature so you could note down the preferences, likes and dislikes of your leads. The great thing about Efficient Address Book Network Contact Manager is that it allows people working in a small or medium organization to work together on the contacts in one place. It gives simultaneous access to all employees to the contact details and much more.

This software also allows the users to create groups so you can do the sorting and categorization within seconds instead of spending time on working on each contact individually. The best thing is that there is no limit on how many groups you create on the software. People given access to the contact details will be able to look at and work on them at the same time. What makes this organizer software so efficient is its features that save you a lot of time. The search feature on the software lets you search for contacts within seconds without having to go through all the contacts one by one to search for a specific one.

The document editor and recycle bin options are some of the most impressive options on the software when it comes to functionality and security. The document editor lets you work on your work files and documents just like you do using MS Word and Excel. The recycle bin is there to keep your files safe even if they have been deleted accidentally. You can also have backup of every bit of data that you enter on the software so this invaluable data for your business is never lost. The possibility of importing the Excel and CSV files ensure that your existing data is in the safe place in no time. The print function should allow you to print the important contacts with just one click.