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'Man At Bath' DVD Review

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Man At Bath


Emmanuel (Francois Sagat) and Omar (Omar Ben Sellem) have been living together for some time. Emmanuel is a hustler while Omar is a film director. The two have sex but one could possibly say that Emmanuel forced himself on Omar and it seems Omar took offense. You might even say it was rape but these two men are in a relationship and it could just be an argument gone bad. Either way Omar tells Emmanuel to be gone when he gets back.

Omar is heading to New York to promote his film with actress Chiara Mastroianni as the lead actress. Emmanuel turns many heads as he wanders the streets and as he ends up to a gentlemanly house who has been paying for his services now it seems he's going to get it for free. In other words Emmanuel is trying to fill a void in his life.

While Omar is in New York he and Chiara are shooting pics and Omar takes some photos of others. One is of a college student and the two get together as you watch the young man blowing Omar. The scene is darkened but you can still see enough. As for Emmanuel he never really gets in to any comfortable relationships. You get a sense of real life as the two go about their lives.

Director Christophe Honore dies a wonderful job with this film but in the end you could just say it's another attempt at having a porn star try and make it into a real film. The only problem is that you have gratuitous sex. You have Francois Sagat naked and in as close to as you can get rape scene. It leaves one wondering if Sagat has really left the porn industry or is it because he is just good to look at sort of like a fresh piece of meat. One of the first scenes is Sagat coming out if the shower and all you see is him toweling off.

The film does have its good points and should be watched for its entertainment value. Canteen Outlaws has brought us this DVD and it went out to stores on August 5, 2014. The quality is good and the visual and sounds are excellent. This is a film that is Sagat's first attempt at mainstream film. Honore could have done with less of Sagat being nude but it is an honest effort at trying to get away from the adult industry. Cudos Francois, best of luck.