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Maleficent "Dream" Trailer Review

Maleficent Movie Trailer


I don't know about you, but I am extremely excited for Angelina Jolie's upcoming film Maleficent. This will be her first film since 2010 when she did back to back films Salt and The Tourist. She has been away from the silver screen due to illness which she publicly announced in the New York Times last May. She had gone under for a preventive double mastectomy and since then has stayed low on Hollywood's radar.

Now with her latest film coming out just a year after her announcement the world is a buzz about Maleficent. The evil queen from Disney's 1959 classic tale Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent puts Princess Aurora under a sleeping curse when she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and was doomed until her savior, Prince Philip fought off Maleficent's evil goons and even Maleficent herself in dragon form. Now with this latest live action film we get to see things through Maleficent's eyes.

I think Maleficent is one of the greatest Disney villains of all time. Her crazy horned head piece, her evil raven sidekick and that menacing yet beautiful voice. Angelina seems to incorporate all of the things we loved to hate about Maleficent beautifully. In the latest trailer we also get to hear Lana Del Rey's version of the beautiful theme song from the classic, "Once Upon a Dream", however it isn't quite as upbeat as we once remembered, it is eerie and haunting and sets the tone for the film.

This most recent trailer shows a lot more of what we can expect from the film. Maleficent fighting against the kingdom with enchanted brier dragons and evil riders. Her threatening smile frightening even the most bravest of knights. How will Aurora be saved from this villain who has haunted her since childhood? Is there a Prince Philip to come and save her from Maleficent? Or will this film end differently from the original Disney film we remember?

This trailer is so spectacular, with amazing graphics, costume designs and music. Maleficent will surely be a mega-hit for 2014 when it opens in theaters May 30th. I give this trailer 5 stars and can't wait to see more of Maleficent the closer we get to the release.