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Make 'War Horse' your Valentine date

'War Horse' playing in West Palm Beach
'War Horse' playing in West Palm Beach
Used with permission from: Kravis Center

War Horse


Fall in love with ‘War Horse, ‘ the winner of five 2011 Tony Awards including Best Play.

War Horse,’ set during World War I, tells the courageous story of a young man named Albert (Michael Wyatt Cox) and his horse Joey. Albert’s father sells Joey into the war cavalry in turn for cash for to support his family. What follows is a pursuit by Albert to be reunited with Joey. Lines are crossed on the battlefield enemies are drawn out of the shadows and traps ensue as both Albert and Joey fend for their lives.

From the exceptional storytelling to the life-sized puppets, this show is like a piece of masterful artwork and should not be missed. The life-sized puppets bring a dynamite pragmatism to the show. The puppets, created by South’s Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company, started off just as cardboard cutouts and gradually transformed into what you see during the show. Joey looks eerily real and lifelike, as if he is an actual horse instead of a puppet.

Joey is theater magic at its finest, folks.

The puppeteers come from various backgrounds including dance, acrobatics and theater. It is evident that much expressive, thoughtful choreography goes into Joey’s horse movements.

While Joey may be the star of the show, there is another performer that one should keep a close watch on. Mr. Cox has an undeniably raw stage presence as the main character, Albert. Seeing Mr. Cox and Joey on stage together was a force to be reckoned with; a duo you rooted for until the very end. Let’s not forgot that Mr. Cox is an alum of Dreyfoos School of the Arts. He is the real deal and a fine, young actor at that.

While the set is barren, it worked! The focus on the story is on the characterization and the narrative being told. There is a clear tarp set up above the stage that projected such images as a night sky, city scenes and war images. The special effects, including gunshots, smoke and strobe lighting, made one feel as if they were in a war zone.

A Celtic singer comes out in between scenes to narrate the setting. Her voice, which had an angelic like quality, came across as a sweet lullaby to the audience.

‘War Horse’ is more than just a story about a young boy and his horse. It’s a story about love, loss and redemption. The show will grab onto your heartstrings and not let go until the final bow takes place. You will cry, you will laugh and most importantly, you will cheer for the underdog. It’s a story that makes you appreciate your own life and the people in it, whom you will love and cherish forever.

It's a Valentine to us all.

‘War Horse’ makes for the the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Visit or call the box office at 561-832-7469. You do not want to miss this sensational, theatrical feat.