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Make the easiest and tastiest gluten free and vegan apple cake on the market

Gluten free and vegan apple cake
Photos taken courtesy of: Nicole Sirote

Gluten free apple cake by Nature's Flavors


From one baker to another, you know that gluten free baking, let alone vegan baking it not the easiest task to master. Well, bakers beware as it is time to try a great new product that was delivered right to this gluten free gal's doorstep, then into the oven and into this gluten free gal's mouth.

So, you are probably asking what is all the hype about? Be sure to get your pens and pads ready as Nature's Flavors is whipping up some great mixes in their kitchen.

It is official that you better pave the way for a bite of apple cake by Nature's flavors. Stores surely need to start making room for this amazing brand and baking mix on their store shelves. A huge fan of various other companies easy to make package mixes, this gluten free gal now has a new favorite apple cake brand.

Nature's Flavors sent over a sample package of apple cake, banana bread and brownie mixes to taste test. So far the apple cake is a real hit with friends and well, ehem this gluten free gal, has to avoid grabbing another bite from the pan as swimsuit season approaches. The apple cake is so easy, that even children are able to help make this tasty treat, with a little help from mom or dad in the kitchen. It is so easy, just add water, oil and pour into a pan and bake.

Currently, Nature's flavors is only available online, so you will not be able to locate it is in Los Angeles, California, however they might make an appearance at the Natural Products Expo West.