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‘Major Crimes’ recap: ‘Personal Day’ bring your mommy to work day

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'Major Crimes'


Prison inmate Donte Gomez is granted parole and immediately seeks Julio’s help in clearing his name for a murder he insists he did not commit. Donte spent 17 years in prison for killing his then-girlfriend Anna and an old video footage of a store robbery may prove Donte’s innocence. Julio is not so willing to believe Donte’s claim and sadly, the young man did not get to enjoy his freedom for long. Someone saw fit to beat Donte to death with a baseball bat and Julio is feeling quite guilty.

On another front, Rusty finally confesses to Sharon that his mother Sharon is in town, in rehab and he has been visiting her on the sly. The two women do eventually meet and real mom Sharon thanks play-play mom Sharon for taking in her boy after she left him out in the world to fend for himself or rot. Our Captain Raydar sure is taking this in rather calmly. A piece of Rusty’s joy is quickly sliced away when he learns that his mom did not voluntarily check herself into rehab. She chose it as part of her sentencing deal. He is disappointed in her for not doing this on her free will.

It turns out that Manuel and Carlos, Anna’s angry brothers, were the ones who took a bat to Donte’s body. It must have been tough living across the street from the family of the person you’re accused of murdering. Nevertheless, the two did not kill Donte. They just banged him up a bit…a good bit. The police get a break when the brothers drop a tidbit on them. It seems Caesar Padea was sweet on their sister.

Caesar is the witness who helped put Donte behind bars. He later recants his story after a few facts are thrown at him by Julio who is in much need of anger management. Caesar is brought back in for questioning and now says he was forced to lie about “sort of” witnessing Donte shooting Anna to death. He insinuates that Anna’s brothers Manuel and Carlos can be very intimidating.

However, Julio already has it all figured out. Caesar is just full of secrets and fibs. Not only did he lie on Donte, he’s actually the one who murdered Anna all those years ago. It’s a major crime shame.

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