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‘Major Crimes’ recap: ‘Letting it Go’ parting is such sweet sorrow

Letting it go
Letting it go

Major Crimes


Blue lights and sirens. It never ends for the officers of LA’s Major Crimes Unit. The victim, Lucas Cross, was an accused rapist who was released scot-free from jail but evidently someone sought justice on their own. Someone with a fit a rage saw fit to reduce the man to a bloody heap sprawled across his floor. Cross’ last victim is named Jackie. Naturally, she is a viable suspect but Jackie has an alibi. There is one other rape victim who has no real alibi and who is visibly traumatized by her ordeal a- female soldier named Laura who had been raped by Cross when she was stationed overseas and he was a contractor.

Sharon asks Sykes to take Laura out for some coffee to sober her up since it’s clear her interview was going to be useless. The woman was obviously between drinks. As it turns out, Laura had been drinking for celebratory reasons. She confesses to Sykes that she is the one who viciously slit Lucas Cross’ throat.

Rusty continues to spend time with his mother who wants him to pay for and pick a prescription for her. The woman goes on and on about getting out of rehab and into a halfway house. Sharon is suspicious of the prescription and has it checked out. It’s a forgery. Although he never said anything at first, Rusty eventually asks about the prescription. After the good Sharon (Raydor) confirms Rusty’s suspicion, he pays his mom one last visit and tells her he has not filled the prescription. Infuriated, she goes ballistic and calls him everything but a child of God in front of everyone in the hallway. Hurt and embarrassed, Rusty simply walks away.

Thanks to Sykes’ hunch that Laura was lying about killing Cross, further digging and investigating pays off big time. Jackie did indeed kill Lucas Cross. Photos of someone looking like Jackie at a restaurant turned out to be that of her look-alike sister. Jackie borrowed her sister’s car and drove over to Cross’ place and put him out of his sexually deviant misery. It’s not clear why Laura made such a false claim. Perhaps she wished it had been her who committed the crime and wanted to believe one day that she had actually done it. Nevertheless, Laura breaks down and has one good cry.

Rusty’s mom calls him from a pay phone all apologetic and pleading for him to come pick her up. Pick her up? Isn’t trifling Sharon supposed to be at the halfway she so longed for? Yes, but being the liar that she is it comes out that trifling Sharon went out for a few beers. Rusty has had enough and exercises some tough love. He hangs up and refuses to cater to his mother’s manipulative games.

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