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‘Major Crimes’ recap: ‘Frozen Assets’ thaw out the dough

Frozen Assets
Frozen Assets

'Major Crimes'


Thanks to a ride along with Provenza and Flynn, Rusty is dragged to a murder scene and is none too eager to be a witness in another trial. The victim in this case is a pampered Maltese named Falcon, an heir to $20 million. Apparently, the rich doggie ate a poisoned crab cake. The deceased owner of the pooch, Marcella Brewster, did have two human heirs, her nephew Carter and niece Devan but she chose to leave them a small stipend of $1,000 apiece.

Eager to help the police is a very familiar face – Jonathan Baird, otherwise sarcastically known as Dick Tracy. Baird had been employed by Eternal Meadows to work as a security guard at the estate. Interestingly, Eternal Meadows is also on the receiving end of the bulk of Brewster’s millions. EM happens to be a corporation that keeps the heads of the dearly departed on ice. Marcella’s body may have been cremated but her head was being stored at a freezing temperature at EM. Note: like chicken or fish, a thawed head cannot be re-frozen. Thank you, Provenza for those words of wisdom.

On the home front, Rusty is still trying to handle grown-up problems by trying to find a job in order to support his biological mother. At the station, the Major Crimes Unit suffers through a series of videos showing Marcella constantly changing her will. They then listen to the ramblings of Carter and Devan in the interview room. Clearly, Falcon the dog was the brains in this family.

After Sharon practically accuses Baird of murdering Falcon, the man turns the whiteboard into his friend and shows the “big meanies” 100 reasons why he could not have done it. Detective Sykes has her fill of him. Baird does agree to go along with a ruse to set up Marcella’s neighbor Mr. Kleiner, who happens to be their latest suspect. Sharon pretends to be Marcella’s niece, interested in selling her aunt’s house. She leaves the room and Mr. Kleiner races to the kitchen to grab evidence.

Before the police can get to him, cop wannabe Baird is there to interfere. He is so comical but it is his annoying behavior which causes Kleiner to confess to murdering Marcella.

Back at the station, Rusty turns down the opportunity to work at a store in retail security. However, Baird jumps at the chance to sign his name on the letter of recommendation drafted by Provenza and gets the job. The little sneak.

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