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‘Major Crimes’ recap:’ ‘Flight Risk’ crazy love

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Major Crimes


Guess who may be coming to dinner? More on that later. Our favorite major crimes unit has a mystery to solve. A man by the name of Ben Logan and his son and daughter are missing, but Provenza needs evidence of a crime. He soon gets his evidence when luminal reveals a wall mural made from blood. The wife, Cynthia, was out of town. When the woman returns, she insists hers is a happy family and Ben love, love, loves her and would never run off with the kids.

The Logans’ luggage is found dumped under an overpass. Sadly, the deceased children are packed inside, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is later learned that the blood type, AB, on the wall matches that of the still missing Ben Logan. The daughter’s blood type is O which means the likelihood of Ben being this child’s father is impossible. Well, so much for the tale of a perfect marriage taunted by Cynthia.

Due to the suspicious circumstances, Cynthia becomes the prime suspect. Sharon has to practically pull teeth to get Cynthia to give the 411 on her daughter’s parentage. Cynthia eventually blubbers she did not have an affair but did make one mistake, one minor indiscretion. Years ago, she slept with her cousin Tim. Great kissing cousins! Tim is the father! No wonder she didn’t want to make an admission. Oh, the shame.

Tim, who is crazy in love with her, killed the children. However, he claims it was an accident. He had his death trap car trunk rigged for Ben not the kids. Oh snap…literally, oh snap. Upon hearing, Julio, who had been fuming since the children’s bodies were discovered, snaps and storms into the interrogation room in an attempt to make mashed potatoes out of Tim. Fortunately for Tim, Julio is restrained.

As for the possible dinner guest mentioned above…Rusty shares a little secret with Provenza. His mom is back in town staying at a local rehab center. He has been sneaking off to see her. Rusty asks to borrow sixty dollars from Provenza to buy his mother an electric toothbrush. Before you judge, keep in mind this toothbrush may have been handcrafted out of a gold bar. We don’t know. Yeah, we do.

Watch ‘Major Crimes’ on Mondays at 9:00 PM on TNT.