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‘Major Crimes’ recap and review: ‘Two Options” murder or natural causes

Two Options
Two Options

Major Crimes


LA cops are called to a home where a shooting occurred and find an elderly couple, J.B. and Sandra Lanier, lying dead (execution style) on the floor. Their two young grandchildren are missing, assumed to having been abducted by the murderer. Police suspect the murderous abductor is Linda’s new boyfriend, Christopher Jackson. Linda is the children’s mother and the Lanier’s daughter-in-law. She was married to their son until his untimely death. Now the search is on for Linda and Christopher.

Joining forces with the folks at the Major Crimes Unit is Officer Ann McGinnis (“Walking Dead’s” Laurie Holden). McGinnis is over the Special Operations Bureau (S.O.B) and she is one tough cookie with on sore spot - she lost her husband and daughter in an automobile accident four years ago.

LA’s finest locates Christopher’s BMW in a parking lot but use great caution in approaching it. Julio deputizes an ice cream truck driver in order to use his vehicle as decoy. Julio’s quick thinking enables Sykes to stroll on over to the German luxury car, pop the trunk and discover Christopher’s dead body in a crumpled heap. Nope, he ain’t the guilty party here.

Good detective work eventually results in finding out the truth. The Laniers were really the Colliers and they were in the witness protection program. The dead son isn't dead at all and he is the lunatic who kidnapped his wife and kids, killed his parents and poor Christopher.

The son even bamboozled a young man into being his accomplice. The accomplice catches Cooper looking into his car. He draws his gun on Cooper, but Julio arrives in time to tackle him to the ground. There is a scuffle and shots are fired. Meanwhile, the MCU team, SOB snipers and FBI agent Fritz Howard are closing in on Lanier who is holed inside an apartment with his family. More gunfire is exchanged while Lanier shoots with one hand and holds his daughter in his other arm in the midst of that dangerous mess. Fritz saves the day by sneaking in from around the corner and lays one point blank right in Lanier’s evil forehead. He’s really dead this time.

As Cooper and Julio continue to wrestle with the accomplice, blood starts to drip on the hood of a car. It’s Julio. He’s been shot, but we later learn his wounds are superficial so he’ll be okay. Right now he’s angry about his mommy being at the hospital to check on her baby. Apparently, the woman drives him up a wall. This episode also does a sort of “introductory” setup between Assistant Chief Taylor, Fritz and McGinnis, so look for a possible spin off (S.O.B.) of the spin off (“Major Crimes”) of “The Closer” sometime in the future.

There is one final note. It looks like Rusty is ready to be adopted. Rusty Raydor. Yeah, kid. It does sound kind of cartoonish.

Watch “Major Crimes” at 9:00 PM on Mondays on TNT.