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‘Major Crimes’ recap and review: ‘Jane Doe #38’ an unhappy ending

Jane Doe
Jane Doe
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Major Crimes


Talk about illegal dumping…a young teen is found along with the trash in a nice exclusive neighborhood. Even though the Major Crimes Unit team discovers a library card among the runaway’s personal affects, the name and all other information is false. Nevertheless, a few kids playing in front of the phony address provided on the card point Andy and Julio in the direction of a mini-tent city located around the corner on a vacant lot.

There, the detectives question another homeless kid nicknamed Bug, who is high on a more than just sunshine. Sure, she knows Alice (which is not the dead girl’s real name) but that’s all we have to use for now. Even though Bug offers little help, she is polite enough to thank Andy for the money he gave her. Nope, Bug ain’t too proud to beg.

Sharon’s estranged husband Jack drops by the station per her request. Clearly, Jack is not someone on Andy’s Christmas card list. You can almost hear his hissing a block away whenever Jack is in the vicinity. Sharon would like to adopt Rusty and since she and Jack are still legally married, she would have to involve him somewhat. Jack, being the jerk that he is, wants to be compensated for his troubles. Sharon is way ahead of him though. Either he signs the adoption request form or the divorce papers. To her, it doesn’t matter which form just so long as he knows he will not get one single dime. Jack points out with glee that if they divorce, he gets half of her pension and other monies. And although you can’t tell by the expression on her face, Sharon points out with even more glee and satisfaction the fact that he owes an astronomical amount in back child support for their now-grown children. Take that Jack! Who is really the attorney here? Hilarious. Jack runs into Rusty in the hallway and talks to him about interning at his law firm. Jack is such a sneak.

The coroner’s exam reveals that “Alice” had salt water in her lungs. The team soon learns she worked as a maid for a family who own a salt water pool. After clearing up a small amount of confusion such as the family believing Alice stole from them, the detective find pawn shop video footage of Bug and an unidentified male as the ones unloading the stolen goods. The little liar.

The MCU team stake out the pawn shop where they spot Bug entering the building and soon corners her after she leaves. Bug tries to make a run for it. Unfortunately, her male partner, Slider, shoots her before driving off, but lucky for her he’s a terrible shot. She’ll live and perhaps get a bath to boot. The detectives put the fear of Slider into Bug by telling her he will try to again to kill her. She quickly gives up his location. Slider sleeps in his car inside an enclosed parking lot. It doesn’t take long for Slider, who is a real piece of work, to confess. He was upset because Alice did not give him permission to steal from the family she worked for. Slider was livid. After all, he gave her a ride to work. Seriously? Well, at least he won’t have to sleep in his car anymore. Slider will now have all the comforts of a jail cell cot.

Good old Rusty saw through Jack’s ploy of pretending to be interviewing him. He shares this news with Sharon along with the revelation that Jack suspects she is dating someone and wants to adopt Rusty. Sharon plays off the dating part and goes right into the adoption issue. Rusty is obviously flattered, grateful and humbled by the gesture but he is also concerned about how Sharon’s biological children will feel about it. He’s so considerate. And speaking of Jack’s suspicions, Lt. Provenza thinks the same thing. Actually, he even poked and hinted at Andy about his frequent dinners with Sharon. Time will tell as things will start to get more and more interesting for the squad..

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