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Magic Path of Yoga board game wins with kids of all ages

The Magic Path of Yoga board game by Upside Down Games
The Magic Path of Yoga board game by Upside Down Games
Image courtesy of Upside Down Games

Magic Path of Yoga board game


The Magic Path of Yoga is a new board game from California startup, Upside Down Games.

Colorful packaging and high quality, durable materials inside and out make an outstanding first impression. But the creators of the game don't stop there. The actual content of this game is rich and provides an extraordinary amount of play value. This is NOT a one-and-done game.

Think of the silly fun associated with a lively game of classic board game, Twister, and combine that with an authentic educational experience in stretching the human body's muscles, mastering self control and balance. That is what The Magic Path of Yoga playfully delivers. It's a fun way to introduce dozens of yoga poses to children of all ages, and they will want to try them again and again.

Gameplay in a nutshell:

Object of the game is to collect colored "pose" and question cards and navigate to the center of the board. First person to collect one card of each color, and then land on the "Om" block in the center of the board is the winner.

Players take turns rolling a single die and navigating their pawn around a path of colored squares that circle the perimeter of the board. Each time they land on a colored square, they must draw a colored card that corresponds with that square. The cards contain a very sweet, playful illustration of a child in a yoga pose. The card gives the proper name of the pose. The player must strike the pose and hold it for ten seconds. If they are successful, they keep that card. In addition to the pose cards, there are also yellow squares and corresponding cards. Those yellow cards contain educational multiple choice trivia questions related to the body and how it functions (ex. heart, lungs, blood, muscles etc.). When a child lands on yellow, their opponent must draw the yellow card, ask the question and they must choose the correct answer to win the card.

Favorite feature:

The wonderful component that really takes this game from something nice to something really valuable is the beautiful instruction booklet that is included. Inside the booklet, players will find very clear, simple step-by-step diagrams that illustrate exactly how to enter into each pose safely and appropriately. This booklet is a prize in and of itself and brings the game to another level from an educational standpoint. Even yoga novices can follow the visuals to achieve poses that seem complex and difficult if only the actual pose were presented. It illustrates exactly how to strike each pose very simply and clearly.

The colored cards in the game are numbered and each pose is referenced in the booklet with its corresponding number, making it easy to find. Children feel empowered when they follow the illustrations and discover that they can achieve a pose that seemed impossible at first blush.

This is a wonderful gift idea for families who want a fun way to introduce yoga to their children. The secret bonus is that it is just as useful and enjoyable for adults.

  • MSRP: $29.95
  • For Ages 6+
  • Suggest: 2 players or teams (we added an extra player simply by using a penny or button as an extra pawn). This lengthened the game a bit but everyone stayed engaged, so that was okay. Keep in mind that younger children may lose interest if too many players are involved as it can slow down the pace of the game.
  • Time to play: 25 - 45 minutes



  • 1 game board
  • 1 die
  • 2 game tokens
  • 54 yoga pose cards
  • 12 group exercise cards
  • 64 quiz cards
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 85 page, fully illustrated booklet (“asanas guide”)

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Full Disclosure:

A complimentary demo copy of The Magic Path of Yoga was provided to me for this review. I played the game with an 8 year old and 11 year old to test. Upside Down Games is a fellow member of DiscoverGames - an independent inventor co-op organization that I participate in that helps small game companies and independent inventors gain exposure at toy industry trade shows. This association did provide me with the opportunity to learn about the game initially, but in no way influenced my objective assessment of this product.

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