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Mafia II (PC) review

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Mafia II (PC)


Mafia II is an open world adventure game developed by 2k Czech and published by 2k games. The game was released on multiple platforms on August 23, 2010. The story follows former army vet turned made man Vitorrio “Vito” Scaletta as he climbs his way up the mafia hierarchy. At the same time, Vito learns the truth about the secretive life the mafia leads, and in a way “right the wrongs” each crime family has committed.

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Graphics-The city of Empire Bay is nothing short of amazing. It has the combination of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit all rolled into one city. The character models are something of a mixed bag. On the good side, they do look fine. On the bad side, there’s virtually no individuality amongst the NPCs. While the clothes do fit each era, there should have been more outfits besides the suits.

Sound-The soundtrack has a mix of good songs and bad songs. Each song does fit the era nicely and really brings the mid-1940s and early 1950s to life. Voice acting, however, is really stereotypical. If Joe and Vito had American voices, then the experience would be better.

Gameplay-The gameplay is a combination of both open world and linear. The open world part being that you can complete side missions for some extra money. You can also make some extra money by robbing stores (which DOES have dire consequences), taking cars to the junkyard and so on. Empire Bay is not without its police and trying to keep a low profile starts off easy, but if you take too many chances you’ll be wanted. If you do end up getting in trouble with the law (depending on severity), you can either bribe the police or get rid of them (the former is the better option). The only time the game goes linear is during the missions (not all missions are linear).

Problems-This game has some logic problems. One good example would be bribing a police officer to let you off the hook for a crime (that doesn’t make sense). Another example would be changing outfits to elude police. There are more, but these are a few examples.

Overall-Mafia II is a good game. If you want to play as an anti-hero for a change, this game is for you.

Score: 4/5

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