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Maelstrom Mercenaries of Gor

A walk through the city of Maelstrom
A walk through the city of Maelstrom
Credit Maelstrom Mercenaries

SL Gor Roleplay


Our Series of the cities and lifestyle of Gor in Second Life continues with a journey to the city of the Maelstrom Mercenaries. Mercenaries in Gor, as other genre, are paid to complete a job, be it raiding for goods, slave captures, assassinations, or other covert activities. They are allied to the coin, not the nation.

Adminstrator Umberto Elcano and his beasts
Credit Maelstrom Mercenaries

We travelled to Maelstrom to meet with administrator Umberto Elcano to discuss his group and its charter.

We were met by one of Maelstrom’s slaves, annakiyaFalconer.

annakiyaFalconer: "Thank you for coming Master we are excited for you to be here", she replies to him warmly.

Umberto Elcano: My name is Maximus, most call me Max, I am Commander here, in Maelstrom.

Doc Grun: Well met, Max. I am Doc, scribe and travelling historian. Have you read of my scrolls, Max?

UE: "Well met" he replied "So I understand you would like to hear a few words from myself about our establishment we have here in Maelstrom then to view the lands." He nods at the question "I have read the one you did on Turia with Darius aye."

DG: Indeed yes, sir. I travel much and write of many wondrous places, that others may hear of them. Today is your day. Tell me of Maelstrom, how it came to be and why.

UE: Maelstrom is located Southwest of Tyros on the Thassa Sea, a place where wrecked ships could occasionally be found. Here a settlement of Mercenaries dwell, having made the discovery of Maelstrom by accident crossing the Thassa Sea via Tyros. The Mercenaries decided to pack up and move their belongings, homes and people by ships to the deserted island, they built their stronghold, some small homes and of course a Tavern to share drinks between the Mercenaries while not on Contracts. The mysterious look of the deserted place enticed the Mercenaries and thought by their leader to be very suited to their way of life. They would use Maelstrom to train their men, hide out and bring back their loot and coin.

DG: So you are considered outlaws by all cities, and not allied with any one Port or homestone?

UE: We have a Homestone here in Maelstrom, which would take us away from the Outlaw idea, also we do not conduct ourselves in the way an outlaw would, we do follow the codes of the Red Caste Warrior, quite closely, with a few differences. Being so close to Tyros on the map we are currently working on getting a relationship set up with them. Mercenaries are basically a more elite band of Warriors that work for Coin, hired either personally or by Homestones for protection, rescue or offensive work. But we as I say, conduct ourselves more like that of the red caste Warrior and his codes.

DG: Do you allow Free women here, or are all females slaves?

UE: Yes we have Free Women here, we have a Chief Physician who is well qualified in that area, she also has an assistant Physician who is a Free Women. Additionally we have I would say another four or five Free Women, we have most of the Caste`s filled here in Maelstrom that you would in most Southern Cities. We welcome all Caste`s, be it Free Men, Women, Slaves or She-Urt`s.

DG: Tell me of some of your recent activities, without revealing those that hire you

UE: Well so far, Maelstrom has been going from strength to strength, far better than I would of planned when deciding to open the place. I had envisaged it as being a place for Mercenaries to hang out and wait for contracts and work. In the 8 weeks we have opened we have had large amounts of people both joining the group and coming to visit the Sim. The Mercenaries we have here are some of the strongest fighters I’ve come across. It seems that once you get a good foundation and the word spreads, the best want to be amongst the best, which I think is generally fitting for Mercenaries, just as it would be if you hired an Assassin to do a job for you, if you hire Mercenaries, you need to be confident they will get the job done. We have had 3 long term contacts so far with 3 main Cities, and various hirings by people for personal jobs or work they needed doing. As well as this, Maelstrom as a whole has been thriving, we are getting great traffic here, the people are all strong Rp`ers and its as much an enjoyment ......

to be at home as it is away doing contracts

DG: And what is your main commodity of demand? Goods? Slaves? Weapons?

UE: Well to be honest Slaves we are in no shortness of here, they seem to come in numbers, mainly I think due to the amount of Warriors or Mercenaries we have here. We have a slave House with three slavers, in that Slave House I would say we have around 6 House or Camp owned Slaves, then all the Mercenaries will have one or two Private Slaves. We do try and obtain trade goods through various means. Weapons we have made here in Maelstrom, as we have our own Blacksmiths. The main demand we have are the contracts themselves and work for the Mercenaries, we work for Gold and Silver, and being we have such a large number of Mercenaries in our ranks, we look for work as much as we can, by contracts and hirings, to fulfill our role as Mercenaries.

DG: I was referring to what your contract holders want you to obtain for them. Any mercenary is out for themselves, and their benefit, but those that hire them have their wants as well

UE: Well we offer Homestone protection, luckily as I mentioned before we have a large number of Mercenaries here available throughout the day. I have found that a lot of Cities and Villages in BTB Gor are struggling for numbers in their Warrior Caste, we can offer cover in this area, filling numbers or providing a rescue of Warriors if they have lost a battle and been captured in other lands. I would say mainly the people that hire us are looking for extra support if needed in military terms. In our hirings so far, the Cities have taken a full coverage contract, meaning they can call our aid if they are attacked at home and need aid in defending, if they need a single person rescuing, if they are planning an attack on another place and need more numbers. it would mainly be military needs that people would hire us for. When we have a single person come to us for hiring, it would mainly be a revenge matter, most commonly it is a Free Woman that hire us for this kind of job. Say a free Woman has been in her eyes ...been mistreated by a Free Man or companion, she would hire us to say ....`deal` with them in the way they wish.

I looked up suddenly from my writing notes to stare at him. “Doesn't that violate BtB by taking the word of a Free woman over that of a Free man?”

UE: I wouldn’t say so no, a Free Woman is Free just as a Free Man is, she has just the same rights as a Free Man would in opinion and thought, especially if it was say for instance an Ubara. It is not the same as being hired by say a Slave, a Free Woman is Free just as a Free Man is. It is the same as if in a City runs to a Warrior and says she has been attacked, the Warrior would take her word and act accordingly.

DG: in my travels I have found that not to be the case. A free woman in many cities is only 1 wrong action or comment away from finding herself a slave for offending a free man. But I am not here to debate. It is why I travel.

UE: Well I think you will find in most cities that have a law system and Magistrate, a Free Woman would have to be brought before the Magistrate and face judgment before she is Collared, she is protected by the same laws as a Free man is. Though a Woman visiting a Homestone and is not of that City, she is not protected by the same laws so yes, she would be more easily Collared.

DG: How does one join this group?

UE: we have 30 in the mercenary group alone. The land group I think it’s closer to 70. The group name is Maelstrom Mercenaries. Contact Umberto Elcano for membership inquiries.

We then took an extensive tour of the grounds and buildings of Maelstrom. The build is breathtaking, done in winter for this time of year. The sim seemed to be thriving with activity, and the people seemed dedicated to true BtB Gorean roleplay.

If mercenary is in your blood, then Maelstrom is the place to get your fix.

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