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Madii & Dyl's luxe line of kids organic pillows are made with love, naturally

Madii & Dyl's luxe pillows are 100% organic. They contain no chemicals, are hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria.
Madii & Dyl's luxe pillows are 100% organic. They contain no chemicals, are hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria.
Madii & Dyl

Madii & Dyl's luxe latex pillow collection


There is something to be said about a product line that was developed by a parent to appropriate the needs of their very own children. Jackie of Madii & Dyl understands first hand that physically and mentally our kids grow and develop overnight, so during those crucial hours parents will strive to make their little one's sleeping experience as safe and comfortable as possible. After a few restless nights of her own, she conceived a natural solution and created an organic line of 100% certified organic latex pillows.

Madii & Dyl's pillows are designed with conscious parents in mind.  The progressive line of natural latex pillows meet a child's most sensitive needs.
Madii & Dyl

Madii & Dyl luxe latex pillow collection makes an exceptional statement, especially amongst their competitors. The exclusive pillows comfort and support children progressively through their developmental stages.

Deciding whether or not to offer your child a pillow can leave parents sleepless with concerns of proper neck posture and allergy inducing bacteria that thrive in the common pillow. However, Madii & Dyl have made the choice effortless for them with innovative designs.

The Sooki Babe is a day pillow created for newborns and infants. It's unique cradle design prevents roll overs and flat heads. The Teenii Tot is made for toddlers and walkers with a distinctive wave design. The Mini Me is perfect for young children, its exclusive flip-wave design tailors to the growing child with one side slightly higher than the other. Use of this pillow begins on the lower side and as your little one grows the pillow may be turned over for a better fit. Understanding the sensitivities and distinct characteristics of a growing child makes each of these creations dynamic.

Each model fluently conforms to the child's head providing correct neck support and spine alignment. Self-ventilating cores procure maximum air flow, preventing moisture and heat build up allowing the child to breathe freely.

The natural latex filling is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti microbial and dust mite resistant. For children suffering from delicate respiratory systems such as asthma or allergies; these pillows are a cozy way to genuinely sleep safe and sound.

Latex derived from the rubber tree plant is the most durable cushioning material available. Madii & Dyl's pillows signature comfort and softness make them a superior choice in children's bedding; providing the ideal balance and support. This singular line consists of the only pillow that can be washed and still retain its shape, notably lasting for at least five years.

Although Madii & Dyl pillows may be considered small, it's truly a logical solution for indulging our children's miniature frames.

Each pillow comes with a polyester pillow protector and a classic white, pure cotton pillow case. According to Jackie, designing a range of pillow covers is definitely a creative step she is presently exploring.

Compliments of Madii & Dyl, my son received his own Mini Me pillow. My expert pillow hurler was the ideal person to put the product to the test and I quickly discovered it was the one pillow fight he was content not to win. My little one adored it's size as he precisely decided that it was made uniquely for him. He also relinguished the habit of systematically turning his pillow over, in hopes the finding the cool side.

My child's Mini Me is a simple comfort he refuses to share and has quickly embraced the idea of this new friend from down under. I look forward to what Madii and Dyl will lovingly dream up next.

Montreal residents may purchase Madii & Dyl products on line.