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Madame Alexander dresses up the tots

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Madame Alexander Dolls


To all New York Doll Collectors, and doll collectors around the world. If you haven't seen Madame Alexander's (MA) 18 inch dolls, you have to take a look them, and the fashions on these dolls. Definitely a good representation of most little girls today. Particularly when it comes to choosing what to wear; and using a mix of bright colors.

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If you have any young daughters, nieces, or friends with little girls, you will notice they have their own sense of style (as most children do) and that they have very unique choices of color combinations. They would wear blue or green with pink, or very bright leggings with patterns of flowers and such; Wearing equally pink boots or shoes. I think that Madame Alexander's has picked up on that, and portrayed this unique style on their line of 18 inch dolls.

They made sure these dolls not only had the latest and greatest line of cool clothing; frilly skirts and jean skirts with green, patterned leggings, tulle skirts over pants (equally colorful). But they made sure to emphasize the mix and match of colors. And I have to say, no matter how eccentric the combinations are, they work! One of my favorite outfits on the MA 18 inch dolls is the doll called Key To My Heart from the Favorite Friends Collection. The doll is dressed in a grey knit T with a purple skirt, that almost looks like leather, with two ruffle sashes on it. Then, wait for it! Grey-bluish stockings with pink dots. Aye! Oh, you can't get much unique than that....Well maybe you can, but this is still so cute.

Let's face it, the dolls definitely are dressed in fashions and colors (don't forget the colors) that are good representation of what little girls and big girls (if I'm not mistaken) get in to and wear. It's fabulous, don't you think?

See our gallery for some of the fashion pieces. Visit Madame Alexander online.